Ibiza 2007


Ibiza 16th to 22nd September 2007

Having not had the sun on my back in the Uk for the entire summer I jumped at the chance of a week in Ibiza when Nas came up with the suggestion a few months back. After she rang around and spoke to a few more gurls we had a nice little group already to party.

Sunday 16th September

As we wanted to make the most of our time in the sun we booked a very early flight 6.30am on Sunday morning from Stanstead, which meant I got up about 2am, my immediate thought was to regret the third glass of wine that I had drunk less than 4 hours ago, but after a quick cup of Coffee I set about loading up my car and driving round to Nas’s house.

When I arrived Nas was still frantically throwing clothes into her case which she continued to do right up until the time we left. I think this was the reason that she managed to beat me is the heaviest case competition. However despite both our cases being over weight, mine by only 2 kilos we managed to board the plane without any excess luggage charges.

It was a cheap and not to cheerful flight on Easy Jet, I usually try and drink and sleep on a plane, but 6am in the morning ruled out the drinking and the two stag parties ruled out the sleeping, so it was plan B music and reading. Upon arriving at Ibiza we cleared customs and reclaimed our cases very quickly and we arrived at our hotel by 11am. Unfortunately only one of our rooms was ready so we chucked our cases in there and headed off for breakfast/lunch. A few of the gurls went straight for the full English breakfast option, but not liking eggs or bacon, I stuck with beans on toast. Once lunch was finished we had a wander around town to get our bearings, before heading back to the hotel, by which time our rooms were ready.

As Rebecca was not turning up until later in the week, I was able to make use of most of the wardrobe and bathroom space, before going out to join the rest of them lying around the pool. After 10 minutes of sun bathing the first beer was needed and we were in for a shock to discover that the hotel only served half pints in plastic glasses a shocking state of affairs, well after downing only or two of these everybody was becoming a little on the tired side so it was agreed that we would have a late Siesta before going out to eat. 

A few hours sleep certainly did wonders for us and we were all ready then to hit the town, Nas had made a few friends on Ibiza from a previous visit and we arranged to meet them for a few drinks before we made our way out for dinner. Which was at a German restaurant, the food was ok, but not brilliant, but the beer was fine and after one or two pints the food was forgotten. After eating we wandered back towards the hotel and we stopped off in the Island bar which became our regular nightly stop off for us. After one or two there it was off to bed fairly sober and at the rather early hour of midnight.

Monday 17th September

I had good intentions of getting out for a run each morning before breakfast, and for the first and only time I managed it, it was nice to run along the sea front, but the surface was slippery and being an injury prone has been, I decided to give future days a miss (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it). For the one day I did run, I was nicely set up for breakfast and it was good to see both Terri and Nas also made the breakfast roll call.  Tess turned up right on the 10.30am deadline and after a short debate with the waiter was allowed a coffee and a bowl of sugar puffs.

Eventually everyone did surface, however we were all still pretty tired after the early start to yesterday so decided that it was going to be a very easy day just lying by the pool, and for the more energetic a dip in the pool every now and again. We managed to lie out until about 1.30 and then decided we were sufficiently tanned and therefore it was time to eat. It was only about a 10 minute walk along the seafront to the restaurants and we found a nice place which did salads and Tapas. It was a nice leisurely lunch and we began to formulate a few plans for the rest of the week and it was agreed that 3 girly nights out would be good and that tonight would be our first one.

It was then a leisurely stroll back to the hotel to resume our place around the pool, surprisingly our towels were still in the same place and we able to get exactly the same 5 sun beds that we had left a few hours earlier. I decided that 2 hours more in the sun was enough, before heading back to my room to have a sleep.

After a few hours sleep, I checked in with gurls to find out what time we were going out and I was therefore able to plan my make up routine accordingly. As Rebecca was not yet here I was able to spread out and make complete use of all the mirrors and have a rugby match on the television at the same time. Before coming away I had a make up lesson with Nas and was going experiment with new colours, but for tonight I stuck to my gold’s and browns.

I managed to get ready by the agreed time, and met Tess and Terri at the hotel bar where we had a drink and waited Nas and Mike to appear, the bar was virtually empty and we were able to take a time and get loads of pictures taken and then a second lot after the arrival of the other two. We then set off outside the hotel to another which was a bit livelier and Tess had been there before, we also met Nas’s friends there and had a long chat over a few drinks.

By this time it was getting on for 11.30 and we had still not eaten and unfortunately a lot of the restaurants were closing up, but we finally managed to find a Chinese which was still opened and we had a nice meal there which went on until about 1am. We then started to walk back to our hotel, but on the way passed the island bar where we decided to spend a few hours. It was quite busy in the bar although most of the people just sit outside listening to the music. At certain points during the night the owners dance in the windows of the bar. Terri thought this was great and persuaded them to let her have a go next time the dancing was due.

Because of her height and then her  heels Terri did struggle to get onto the dance area, but once there she strutted her stuff and was nearly as good as the bar owner, however I’m not sure the customers were used to seeing a Tranny dancing away, so it was left to us to do the cheering. Once Terri returned to our table we had one more drink before heading back to the hotel and getting bed about 3am.

Tuesday 18th September

Once again I made it down for breakfast and again, was joined by Nas and Terri, Tess must have set her alarm clock as she arrived about 10.15 this time giving herself a clear 15 minutes before the close down. Once again Mike was a no show. As it was a little bit on the cloudy side we decided that we would have a walk into the Old Town today rather than spend it around the pool.

By this time Mike had surfaced and we set off, as usual getting a bunch of Trannies to walk past a clothes shop was an impossible task and we found a couple of very nice shops whilst out walking. One shop had some really nice clothes and I think Terri, Tess and Nas all tried clothes on inside, but none of them were tempted enough to make a purchase. However the girls inside the shop directed us to another part of town where they also had a shoe shop, again there were some great clothes inside, but still none of us parted with any money.

Our next was a new age type shop, and I must admit by this time I was a bit shopped out sat outside with Terri putting the world to rights, however Nas purchased a couple of cds for her clients to listen to whilst she does massage, and Tess got herself a very nice ring with a purple stone in it.

By this time we were all getting hungry and decided that it must be lunch time, we managed secure a table at a restaurant over looking the harbour, and although the food was only average and we were by a main road it was nice to sit out have lunch and a few beers and watch the world go by. The restaurant was very close to the Pascha night club gift shop, so once lunch was over we had a wander around there, before heading back into the old Town, where we posed for a few pictures. As it was now siesta time and all the shops were closed we took a slow walk back to our hotel, where we indulged in a couple of hours of the sun before all had our own siestas.

Once we were all recovered we agreed on a time to meet down in the bar and had a beer or two while we waited for Nas to arrive, once she did it was back to the Old town to find a restaurant for dinner. Tess took us via a different route into the Old Town and it involved walking over lots of cobbles, and for once I was pleased not to be wearing heels, but poor Nas had hers on and had to have an escort either side of her so that she did not fall over. Upon reaching the entrance to the Old Town more shopping was done, before we went off to choose a restaurant, unfortunately we were unable to get into our first choice.

As Tess had been here before she about another restaurant at the top of the hill, but unfortunately this meant that Nas had to climb even more cobbles to get up there. It was worth the trip up there as we had a great view over the town and we got into the restaurant, the only problem however was as it was an outdoor restaurant and a slightly windy day and therefore we were in a constant battle to hold the table cloth down and stopping glasses being blown over. In addition it was very dark and Tess was unable to read the menu and therefore Terri had to read each selection out to her. Despite this the food was really good, although much alcohol has passed through my system since and I am not able to recall what I had to eat.

When we were sufficiently full up it was time to head back to our hotel, luckily Nas had an alcohol free night and was able to negotiate the cobbles in her heels without any accidents. Eventually we made it back to our hotel had one nightcap in our usual place and was in bed by 2am.


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Wednesday 19th September

Another warm cloudless day and yet again 4 out of 5th made it down for breakfast, Mike again decided to stick with the contents of his mini bar rather than join us, although by this time we think he was onto the toilet duck.

After breakfast it was again a very lazy and sleepy morning just lying by the pool, with the occasional dip into the swimming pool when we felt energetic. We managed to extend this life of leisure until about 2.30 when it was agreed that it must be lunchtime and we took our usual walk from the hotel to find a restaurant.

It was a leisurely stroll back after eating to the hotel and back to the same sun beds to take in another few hours of sun bathing before returning to our rooms for a sleep (it was tough this holiday) As this was going to be our second girly night out we all decided to get a few extra hours sleep before starting to get ready.

Prior to coming on holiday, I had a make up lesson with Nas and we had experimented with different colours around my eyes, we tried two looks and today was going to be my first attempt, with the blue eyes, so I was a bit wary. Also it was quite a bit warmer in my room than the previous night and I hit a problem with my foundation, it appeared to be of the non stick variety. Eventually it decided to stay on and with a quick touch up from Nas the blue shadow on the eyes looked good to, I was then ready to go down to the ever deserted hotel bar and await the arrival of Nas and Mike which eventually happened.

It was then a walk down to the Old Town to a restaurant that we had spotted a few days earlier, must admit I was having trouble with my shoes walking there, and was relieved when he got there and even more so when we managed to get a table straight away. The restaurant was an open court yard and was very busy, again I’m struggling to remember what I had to eat, but do remember that they were huge portions and all of us struggled to finish our meal and could not manage to even look at the dessert menu.

Nas was feeling a little bit tired after the meal and decided to go back to the hotel, therefore letting us gurls off the leash. We decided to have a wander to the Harbour area, which Tess assured us would be lively. The first place we saw was at a square and was full of people and to be honest I did not like the look of it, there appeared to be too many young guys there. Tess and Terri went over to check it out and said it was ok, with even places to sit, and as usual in overseas bars there were staff outside offering cheap drinks it you came in, so we decided to give it a go.

We were given a table in the middle of the crowd and got out drinks together with our free shot, and were generally chatting and watching the parades going past. At some point Tess shouted out something which attracted the two girls (Sarah and Jennifer) from the next table. They then came off over and sat out our table and we ending up talking to them for an hour, they were good fun, although I would say both of them were suffering the effects of a few to many drinks. The girls were very interested in what we were doing and our clothes and make up and also tried to get us to listen to Barbara Streisand records.

Eventually the Sarah and Jennifer decided that they wanted to move on to a club, and tried to persuade us to go along, however by this time it was 3.30 am and to get to the club entailed getting a boat. So we said goodnight to the girls and had a slow walk back to the hotel eventually getting about 4am.

Thursday 20th September

The next followed the our usual routine, with everyone but Mike making it up for breakfast, however Rebecca was arriving today and whilst we were eating she arrived and was soon telling us about what was happening at home whilst tucking into a big fried breakfast.

Once we had finished breakfast it was back up to the room, to let Rebecca unpack and then it was out to our usual spot by the pool to soak up the rays, unfortunately it was a little bit cloudy to begin with, but we stuck at it and eventually the sun came out. We stayed around the pool until a lot later than on previous days, and I think it was well gone 2 o’clock before the idea of lunch was raised.

For a change we decided to avoid the sea front and wander down to the old town for lunch. There was a large square that we had to walk through before getting into the Old Town and as this had a few restaurants there we decided to eat there, the only problem was that it was now siesta time and a few of them were closing, but we eventually found one and I relaxed with a goats cheese salad and a beer or two. Once lunch was over Nas decided that she wanted to go back to the hotel and the rest of us wanted to have a look around the Old Town.

We entered the Old Town through the cobbles as usual and walked up past the restaurant where we had eaten previously, but then we discovered that you could walk a lot further and so we started to climb up even further. It was quite a steppe climb and along the way there were those plaques that told you about the history of the town, as we got nearer the top, unbelievably there was another turn and it went upwards even further. I think I was in the leading party to reach the summit and once everybody else had arrived and regained there breath we walked back down again, taking a few pictures along the way.

On our return journey we walked past all the restaurants, which were just beginning to reopen after there afternoon siesta, and we therefore able to book a table at the restaurant that we were unable to get into on a previous night. It was then a slow walk back to our hotel to have a quick swim then back into the room to have a sleep before going out to dinner.

Now Nas is not the worlds best time keeper so we came up with a plan in which we told her to meet us in the hotel bar an hour before the time we intended to leave, so we were all down in the bar having a few beers, and an hour later than we told her Nas strolls down and casually asks if we are ready yet. After giving her some friendly abuse we set off for the restaurant. We actually got there a bit earlier than our reservation and so had a bit of a wander around the shops. Whilst in one of the shops I recognised Jennifer and Sarah from the night before. Terri and I went up to them and started talking to them and they clearly had no idea who we were and looked at us completely blankly  after speaking to them about last night for a few seconds they finally twigged who we were and we then left them to go off to our restaurant.

We had just sat down to our table when Jennifer and Sarah came up the hill and sat down at the same restaurant as us, and the table immediately behind us. Of all the restaurants that we ate in during our holiday, I believe that this was the best and the setting was really nice, sitting half way up a step slope, wondering at anytime whether your table is going to slide away is a novel experience. I think we all really enjoyed the meal Rebecca got her standard issue of beef, Mike had some solid stuff to soak up his wine, even Nas had some wine, but once the giggling started soon afterwards we all understood why she does not indulge too often. It was then time to wander back to our hotel where we had one last drink at the Island Bar before hitting the sack about 2.30am.

Friday 21st September

We had a very late planned therefore it was agreed that nobody would attempt to make breakfast, Rebecca and I put the do not disturb sign on our door and dug in deep. However there was one person who actually made breakfast and it was Mike maybe the mini bar was empty at last. Around 10.30 Rebecca and I made it out of bed and by 11 we were sitting down at the café opposite the hotel having breakfast, and we were quickly joined by Nas and Tess.

Our plan for the evening to go to Manumission nightclub and we were going to go by bus, so it seemed a good idea to check out where the bus went from, Tess, Rebecca and I undertook this mission and after much searching we eventually found the bus stop and memorised the time table. After all that hard walking we needed a beer or two on the way back to the hotel.

Our intention when we got back was to do a bit of sun bathing, but as soon as we got back it started to rain, so we back inside the hotel and afternoon tea and biscuits on the Terrace, and Nas decided to start doing manicures ready for tonight. After all this excitement it was time to have a few hours sleep.(part 1) This was followed by a walk into town to have  quite an early, but big meal to set us up for the night, once the meal was over it was back to the hotel for you guessed it another sleep(part 2). About 10pm we got up and started getting ready for the night which was completed by about midnight, we had agreed to meet in the hotel bar, but it was shut and so we just sat about dreaming of a drink and waiting for Nas to arrive(late as ever)

After she finally arrived we walked to the Island Bar which had been our favourite bar over the week, the owners were happy to see us as ever and gave us the usual round of free shots and we got some great pictures posing with them. There were also two German lesbian girls in the bar who took great interest in us and were looking at us pointing to our shoes and clothes, but unfortunately the language barrier meant that we were unable to converse with them. By this time we had to leave to get the bus to go to the club, we managed to find our way back to the bus stop and despite getting a few stares get into the queue. We stood whilst a couple of buses went, but we were assured we were in the correct stop, however when a bus did stop there we were told it was the wrong bus, and we had missed the bus to the club and the next one was not due for an hour.

Some of us thought about going back to the hotel, but we then realised that it was only a short taxi ride to the club and we quickly managed to hail two cabs to take us there. I must admit I have never been to a club this big before, and was amazed at the queue of people waiting to get in, we were told that we were on a guest list, but after going to various people we had to join the end of one of the various queues and spend 45 minutes, waiting to be transferred to another queue. We had some fun waiting in the queue and got chatting to a few people, but the novelty soon wore off, eventually we actually reached the pay kiosk and finally got into the club. Again inside I was amazed at the sheer size of the place it was huge, with loads of kids dancing away to what to me sounded the same song over and over again. We made our way to the bar and purchased the most expensive round of drinks in the world and then found ourselves a nice little corner to watch proceedings. The kids appeared to be having a great time in the club and were dancing away to the music, but maybe its my age or maybe its because I’ve never really been a big club person, but I just did not enjoy it in there and I hate not being able to hear what someone two feet away from me is saying.

We had arranged to meet some people in the club, but it was impossible to find anyone in their, so after about 2.5 hours we decided that it was time to go home, outside the club was a big tour bus and we had some pictures taken by the side of it, but unfortunately these did not come out very well. It was then time to get cabs back to our hotel, get our make up and clothes off and have about 3 hours sleep before getting up and catching our plane home.

It was a great trip and hopefully we will do it all again next year.