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Well appearances are getting fewer and farther in between, so the reports which were originally quarterly, before switching to twice a year are now annually.
Things move on in life, although I’m still buying dresses, I don’t get out so much, I’m not really sure what I want out of dressing these days. I don’t see the point of dressing up to go to the theatre and getting to the age where loud club music does my head in. Anyway enough rambling, here’s what I can remember of this year.

14th March 2015 Way Out Club

To be honest I’m pretty vague on this one, I can’t really remember if we went out to eat before going to the Way Out club or not, as I can’t remember let’s say not. I believe I drove over to the new Boudoir venue, which was much smaller to the previous place so it was pretty tight inside when a few of us were inside, but hey it there was enough room to get dressed which is all we needed. I also believe it was the first time I met Jodie’s new assistant Victoria and she seemed very quiet. There was a bit of a queue for the makeup chair when arrived, but we gradually progressed until it was my turn.

The makeup looked great as usual and we decided to go for long straight hair. I had got a couple of new dresses recently and decided in was time to give one of them an outing, I went for a fairly long one which had a bit of sparkle on it. I teamed this up with flesh tights and black shoes, which were actually fairly comfortable for most of the night.



It was the second time I had been to the minories the current venue for the Way Out Club, I wasn’t impressed with it last time, but was prepared to give it a second chance. Unfortunately my opinion of it still has not changed I really do not like this venue, but hey I was there now and was going to make the most of it. I had driven that evening so was restricted on my alcohol, but one or two Gin and Tonics passed my lips, before switching to water. I got as far as looking at the dance floor, but no further and it was then back to trying to find a seat and chat with some of my friends. Eventually a group of chairs became available and I spent the rest of the night either talking on making trips to the bar for more water.

We stayed out fairly late, I think around 3.30am before I went back to collect my bags and then drove home.

Friday 5th September Pink Punters

Jodie made a suggestion about going to Pink Punters , and as I was off that week, it sounded a good idea. The plan was to go on the Saturday night, but The Foo Fighters were playing close by on that night and there were no hotels available, so we switched to the Friday night. It worked out well as I had that week booked off work also, so there was no need to rush home and I could take a leisurely drive across to Milton Keynes.

I arrived early as I had a week’s worth of face fuzz to remove, I had nipped up to see Jodie on my arrival and her comment was that with my beard and long hair I looked like some wild man. After lighting a fire with a few twigs, I went off to remove the fuzz and unpack my bag. My plan was to wear a white dress with Orange shoes and bag, my friend had gotten me orange lipstick and nail polish on her recent trip to New York. Jodie did my make up and hair and the orange looked good, and I then went back to my room to get a few hours sleep before getting ready. I managed to find a way of propping myself up and sleeping.

I woke an hour or so later, grabbed a sandwhich and started getting dressed, it all appeared to be going ok , until I put my dress on. I had purchased nude underwear which I was told would not show through the dress, but unfortunately in this dress everything was on display, if I had been in guy mode no problem, but I was trying to be a lady it was a no go. Luckily as I have been dressing for a few years, I always bring a back up outfit, so a quick change of dress and I was ready to go.

We have eaten in the hotel restaurant in the past, but to be honest it was not very good, Jodie had managed to find an Italian restaurant a few miles away and we jumped into a taxi to get there. From memory the food was pretty good, but unfortunately the memory is a bit vague as to what I actually ate. A tuna steak springs to mind, but don’t quote me on this. Once the meal was over it was time to get taxi’s back to the club. It had been a good few years since I had been to the club, thinking it must have been before the smoking ban that I was last there. The outside of the club had changed quite a bit, and there was a great big fire and outside bar, which I assumed was for the smoking community.

The club is like an old house and we made our way up the very steep stair to the top, where there is another huge fire and a bar. A few others had turned up by then some of who I had not seen for a good few years so it was good to catch. Although the club has a dance we spent most of the time in the upstairs bar, however at somepoint in the evening the more energetic persuaded us to go downstairs where a few dance moves were thrown.

Around 2am it became a bit to much for me, and I headed off back to the hotel.



Saturday 19th December Tonic & Remedy Restuarant and Way Out Club

So Christmas had arrived again, and it was time to get my heels out again. Jodie usually does two Christmas trips and as in previous years I elected to go on the London trip. As in previous years I also asked her if I could have big curly hair, which meant I had to get there early and sit with my hair in curlers for a good few hours.

Surprisingly the trains were pretty empty when I made my way across to the Boudoir, I was first to arrive and after a quick catch up, it was time to sit in the chair where firstly my hair was put into curlers, and then my make up was applied. After this I had about 5 hours to just sit about catch up with people, until eventually I decided it was time to get dressed. There were eight of us in total going out, a few of the gurls I knew and a couple I had not met before. One new gurl turned up and just did some strange things, but unfortunately I don’t think I mention it on here. I will wait for my memoirs to be published.

Eventually it was time to get ready and I was wearing a dress from my favourite shop in Chigwell. Jodie took some pictures before we left, I really need to learn how to smile, believe me I am actually happy in these pictures. We got into our taxi’s to take us to the restaurant which was a new discovery by Jodie called Tonic and Remedy it was close to Old Street in London. AS it was the last weekend before Christmas it was surprising how quiet the restaurant was. We had a three course meal which included a cocktail to begin with, cocktails not really my thing so I switched to wine very quickly. However unlike previous Boudoir Christmas events there were no other wine drinkers. The food was ok, starter not great, but main meal was very good, I missed Dessert and opted for more wine instead.

After Dinner was finished, it was time to reorder some taxi’s and make our way to the Way Out Club. If you have read my stuff previously, you will know I’m not keen on the current Way Out location., its just an old city pub and it just seems to be full of tranny chasers and you have to fight your way to the bar, but hey it was Christmas, so can’t complain too much and I did get my bum grabbed. I also managed to meet up with one of my friends that I had not seen for some time. The only positive about the current venue is the outside seating area, so if you get to hot and cant hear yourself over the music, you can and sit outside to speak. However in December when its freezing outside you cant stay outside for more than about 10 minutes before you have to come back inside.

As usual there was a show inside, but it was too busy inside to get anywhere near to seeing anything, so we just continued to drink and make the occasional trips outside to freeze. We managed to stay until closing time which was about 3am. Whilst waiting outside a guy approached and told me that my website was one of the first tv sites he ever saw and hat he still reads it, which was good to hear.

Eventually everybody had found their coats and said their goodbyes and it was time to get another taxi firstly back to the Boudoir and then one to take me home.