About Nicola, a UK based Transvestite


The initial idea of the About Nicola piece was to write a little bit about myself, with the hope of meeting a few new UK transvestite friends and to get out more. This has been achieved both through the site and by joining the UK Angels and I now get out at least once a month. I am still interested in hearing from new friends so will retain parts of my original About Me text.

I don't suppose my story was any different from anybody else's; secret raids on both mum's and sister's wardrobes, building up your own collection of clothes, deciding you do not want to dress any more and throwing the lot away only to go out and buy a new dress the week after. The first time I remember dressing was whilst playing with my younger sister, after which it progressed to wearing either my mum's or sister's clothes whenever the opportunity arose.

Unfortunately you do not get much chance to dress whilst you are living with your parents, and it was not until I got a place of my own that I was able to dress more frequently and buy clothes without fear of discovery.

Dressing at home is fine to begin with, but after a while you want more than the midnight trip to the letterbox..... However, not having any UK transvestite friends who dressed and not being really confident of how I looked, I was reluctant to try any of the clubs.

I think it was in the 1995 or 1996 Tranny Guide that I first saw an advert for a mobile beautician called Nas (see links page). Since meeting Nas, I have been out shopping with her dressed down Oxford Street and Kings Road, and a few trips to Way Out Club. I still see Nas on a regular basis and I really look forward to our annual shopping trip.

As the site went live, I happened across the UK Angels, a UK transvestite group, which I joined, and have now got a great group of friends with whom I usually go out once a month, and speak to on a weekly basis.

I have also recently met Jodie from the Boudoir Dressing Services (see TV Resources section) and you could not meet a nicer or friendlier person than Jodie. Anybody out there who wants a great makeover or photos should contact Jodie at the Boudoir.

Finally, although I am happy to hear from anyone and try to reply to all emails I receive, I would point out I am a straight male and am not interested in a relationship with another man.

Please email me, but remember, I don't date men!