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January to April 2008


January to April 2008

Another year goes by and once again it was time for the annual Nicola hibernation, I don’t know why I always choose January, probably because I also tend to try and get fit and give up drinking. As most Nicola nights out do tend to involve a fair bit of drinking it is probably best to combine the two.

I actually started running about two weeks before Christmas and even ran on Christmas and Boxing day, I was going quite well and raced in February I was 25th out of 900 competitors and was almost 3 minutes quicker than the same race last year. As for the non drinking I managed to last from 15th January to 27th February not a bad effort this year.

9th February Port des Indes

Having not been out since before Christmas and now that my hibernation month had passed it was great to get dressed up again and go out on the town, albeit only for a meal. The date that Nas suggested was the same as the aforementioned race so knowing that I had to get up early for the race, I knew that I would not be able to make a late night out at the clubs.

After getting home from the race I managed to grab a few hours sleep, together with something to eat before I ventured over to Nas’s house. Somehow I was the first to be made up again, despite initially having the 3rd appointment. So once I was done I sat watching the rugby and waited for the others to arrive and get ready. Once everyone was ready it was time to jump into the car and head into town, as usual we were running late and as usual Nas most of broken every speed limit getting to the restaurant only 30 minutes late (which is good for us) this included finding a parking space and Nas proving that parking cars is another of her many talents.

The restaurant was very busy and whilst our table was prepared we had a drink in the bar, the restaurant is a mix of Indian food with a French influence, I’m not a big lover of Indian food as I find it to spicy so it was going to be an interesting night. We relied on Nas a bit to guide us around the menu and she put on her best Indian accent when the waiter took our order, I think Nikki, Deborah and I all ordered the same main meal, which unfortunately had just run out. After restudying the menu I found something I liked the look of and when it arrived it was really good, it was chicken in red spices and I completely finished my plate, I reckon I could have eaten more of it, but my skirt was getting a bit tight. Besides I had seen pistachio ice cream on the menu and knew I had to save a little bit of room for that.

At one point we did talk about going to the club, but as we all ate so much it was time to go home once we had paid for dinner.



12th April Stephs and The Way Out Club

Another month and another excuse to get dressed up and hit the town, I can’t remember the actual reason for going out this time, maybe it was just because it was a Saturday.

Again it was great for me as I had another hair appointment booked, I had gone for a run in the morning and had spoken to a painter who was touching up the internal walls in my block of flats. Again before I drove off to hair dresser I also spoke to him. At the hair dressers I had my hair cut and highlighted and as I was going out I asked Amanda to style it for me, which she did in a lovely big curly style. I then drove to have a rest up before going out, but as I opened the door into the flats the painter was still there and I’m not sure which one of us was shocked the most. I said hello very quickly and raced up stairs and he said hello and concentrated on his painting also rapidly.

After the shock of the painter I had something to eat and packed my back, made sure he had gone by now and then drove over to Nas’s house for my make over. I had a new outfit to wear for the night which was shorts over opaque tights and boots.  There was only three of us going out so we thought we had plenty of time, but unfortunately time management is not one of Nas’s better skills. Eventually we left her house 5 minutes before the time we were due in the restaurant in the West End, even with Nas’s break neck driving we were over an hour late for our restaurant appointment. I had arranged to meet a couple of friends at the restaurant and luckily we all had mobile phones so I was able to keep them informed of progress or lack of.

It has been a while since I have been to Steph’s(the restaurant we were out) and whilst the food is good, rather than brilliant the staff in there are always warm and friendly and make a point of chatting to you. It’s also been a long while since the visit so in writing this I’m struggling to remember what I had to eat, but think it was the fish cakes. They serve a huge bread and butter pudding there which you have to order quite early and Nas and a few of the girls ordered one of these and 4 spoons and just about managed to eat it between them.

Once we had finished eating, it was into the cars and off to the Way Out club for some dancing. We got there in time for the show and as it was a birthday celebration for the club the show was a bit longer than usual. Once the show was over we spent a little time on the dance floor, before the inevitable aching of the feet meant we had to sit down and chat. All to soon it was 3am and as a few of us were due to be getting up early in the morning it was agreed it was time to leave and head off for home.

Tuesday 29th April Shopping with Nas

Later in the year, or even by now by the time you read this I am getting married and as well as our “normal “ big day, my wonderful fiancée maybe wife by now has agreed that we can have another event where I can wear a dress.

I had already obtained my dress on ebay, I managed to get a great dress for just about £100, and then had to spend a little bit on getting it adjusted. I found a really good local dress maker who did a great job doing this for me. It was now time to look for the rest of the accessories.
As usual I went shopping with my friend Nas, she is very good at looking at clothes and always gives me an honest opinion on anything I buy. We arranged to go shopping on Tuesday morning and luckily I managed to get a hair appointment, I also took the Monday night off work and was just lying about drinking wine on Monday night about 10pm, when Nas called and told me she had builders in and could we get ready at my place, so I had to quickly sober up and tidy my place up.
After the hair dressers I came home, hoping that the rain would stop, luckily once Nas had arrived and helped me get ready the sun was out. We were unsure whether to go into London or stay local, Nas said that she knew of a dance shop that had great shoes in it locally and we headed off there and found a great low heel cream coloured shoe with a little diamond buckle on which looked great and they had my size. The girl in the shop was really friendly and I tried on lots of shoes before making my/our decision. Unfortunately by the time we left the shop it was raining again.
Nas had told me there was an underwear shop close by, but the manager did  not want us in there but on this day she was off on holiday and Nas had spoken to the other girls in the shop about us coming inside. When we first rang they were busy so we decided to get some lunch, but half way there they rang up and said we could go now. Nas dropped me off outside and she went off to park the car.
I went in and waited for the girls to finish serving another customer and they then  asked me my bra size and I said it was 36c and then asked to have a look at the one I had on, so I had to take my dress off and was just standing there in my knickers, hold ups and boots whilst they measured me, Nas then came back in so I had 3 women standing there staring at me in just my underwear.
The girls  managed to find a corset type top which was really nice and fitted well and then the girls said she had other bits to with it (well a girls gotta match aint she) they processed to bring out the smallest thongs in the world I really though they were eye patches. I politely declined the thongs, but she then matched to find a pair of knickers and suspender belt that matched and threw in a garter for me as part of the deal.
We then went to the shop a few doors down , where Nas  again  knows the owners and we were looking at dresses, I tried on two dresses that were both black and were really stunning, I even had to model for the women who were in the shop,  I decided to buy the one which was black and sparkly, going to keep it for a ball I have in July. The only problem it was a little bit tight across the stomach so that either means lots of sit ups and giving up beer for a few weeks or buying some of those magic knickers which are the ugliest things in the world, but they do hold you in, in the right places.
We then got back in the car and drove home, whilst we were in the shop Nas had been talking to the owner and the women in the shop and had told them about my wedding plans both male and girl. Apparently one of the women looked at me and said she was totally confused and they had to explain that I was not a real girl and the woman still did not believe it, she was convinced I was a girl. Oh well at least I managed to convince one old woman, next stop convincing the world.