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September to December 2007


September to December 2007

This is a very edited version of our trip to Ibiza with days cut out, for the full version and pictures, click here

Having not had the sun on my back in the UK for the entire summer I jumped at the chance of a week in Ibiza when Nas came up with the suggestion.

Sunday 16th September

We wanted to make the most of our time in the sun so booked an early flight from Stanstead, which meant I got up about 2am then driving round to Nas’s house, where she was still frantically throwing clothes into her case which she continued to do right up until the time we left.

Upon arriving at Ibiza we cleared customs and reclaimed our cases very quickly and we arrived at our hotel by 11am. Unfortunately only one of our rooms was ready so we put our cases in there and headed off for breakfast/lunch. Once lunch was finished we had a walk into town, before heading back to the hotel. After unpacking we lay by the pool, after 10 minutes of sun bathing the first beer was needed, well after downing only or two it was agreed that we would have a late Siesta before going out to eat.

A few hours sleep certainly did wonders for us and we were all ready then to hit the town, Nas had made a few friends on Ibiza from a previous visit and we arranged to meet them for a few drinks before we made our way out for dinner. Which was at a German restaurant? After eating we wandered back towards the hotel and we stopped off in the Island bar which became our regular nightly stop off for us.

Monday 17th September

I met both Terri and Nas at breakfast next morning, and then later Tess turned up right on the 10.30am deadline. Eventually everyone did surface, however we were all still pretty tired after the early start to yesterday so decided that it was going to be a very easy day just lying by the pool until lunchtime.

We had a 10 minute walk along the seafront to the restaurants and we found a nice restaurant over lunch we began to formulate a few plans for the rest of the week and it was agreed that 3 girly nights out would be good and that tonight would be our first one. It was then back to the hotel to resume our place around the pool, I decided that 2 hours more in the sun was enough, before heading back to my room to have a sleep.

Upon waking, I checked in with gurls to find out what time we were going out and I was therefore able to plan my make up routine accordingly. I managed to get ready by the agreed time, and met everyone in the hotel bar, we then set off outside the hotel to another bar which was a bit livelier and Tess had been there before.

By this time it was getting on for 11.30 and we had still not eaten and a lot of the restaurants were closing up, but we finally managed to find a Chinese which was still opened and we had a nice meal there. We then started to walk back to our hotel, but on the way passed the island bar where we decided to spend a few hours, and we eventually stayed there until about 3am.

Friday 21st September

We had a late evening planned therefore it was agreed that nobody would attempt to make breakfast, Rebecca and I got up around 10.30 and by 11 we were sitting down at the café opposite the hotel having breakfast, and we were quickly joined by Nas and Tess.

Our plan for the evening was to go to Manumission nightclub and we were going to go by bus, so it seemed a good idea to check out where the bus went from, Tess, Rebecca and I undertook this mission and after much searching we eventually found the stop.

After sleeping most of the day we met in the closed hotel bar and then walked to the Island Bar, the owners were happy to see us as ever and gave us the usual round of free shots and we got some great pictures posing with them, by this time we had to leave, but due to a mix up we missed our bus and ended up getting taxis to Manumission.

I must admit I have never been to a club this big before, and was amazed at the queue of people waiting to get in, Once inside I was amazed at the sheer size of the place it was huge. We made our way to the bar and purchased the most expensive round of drinks in the world and then found ourselves a nice little corner to watch proceedings. The kids appeared to be having a great time in the club and were dancing away to the music, but maybe its my age or maybe its because I’ve never really been a big club person, but I just did not enjoy it in there.

We had arranged to meet some people in the club, but it was impossible to find anyone in their, so after about 2.5 hours we decided that it was time to go home, we managed to get cabs back to our hotel, get our make up and clothes off and have about 3 hours sleep before getting up and catching our plane home.

It was a great trip and hopefully we will do it all again next year.

Thursday 1st November 2007 Selfridges

Having reached the big 40 last year I was not really ready to party again this year on my birthday, but wanted to do something, so having spoken to Nas we agreed that lunch at Selfridges and maybe a bit of shopping would be a good idea.

I booked a couple of days off work and also managed to book an appointment at the hair salon. I have been going to the same salon for almost three years now and my stylist Amanda has done a great job with my hair, but unfortunately she only works Friday and Saturdays and has never styled my hair for one of my trips. Once again this was the case and therefore Amy stepped in and was able to do a great job making my hair curly.

After my hair was finished I drove round to Nas’s for my make up, as I was wearing a roll neck style dress, I had to get dressed before Nas started on my make up. We decided that we were going for an Autumnal look for the day and Nas used browns and golds on my eyes, together with a light lipstick colour. Once the make up was finished, I finished getting dressed; along with my dress I had black lacy hold ups and black boots. Nas helped me chose my jewellery and I put on my perfume and was ready to go. I then sat downstairs and played with Omar whilst Nas ready. What is it with cats, in guy mode Omar never wants to sit on my lap, but as soon as I’m dressed he is there claws out ready to ladder my stockings as he tries to climb up on me. Eventually Nas was ready and after taking some pictures we set off.

We had not really decided where to go, but as it was a fairly warm and more importantly dry day, we opted to go to Selfridges. Nas (who I’m sure is Stig from Top Gear) set off at her usual break neck speed, she also has a Stat Nav system built into her head, and was therefore able to weave her way through the traffic. We were moving along quite nicely until we took a wrong turn and hit a huge traffic jam, which meant the last few miles took us almost 45 minutes.

Eventually we arrived at Selfridges and we were able to Park in the shop car park. I had looked at the various restaurants inside Selfridges and decided the one on the first floor looked best. It’s always nice to hear “Good afternoon Ladies” when you enter a restaurant, and Nas and I were escorted to our table by our waiter. After studying the menu we opted on some bread and Oil to begin with, followed by Lamb for me and Duck for Nas. As it was my birthday I decided to indulge in a glass of wine, but Nas stuck with coke. The food arrived fairly quickly and it was really good and I was pleasantly surprised about the size of the portions.

Again I will use the excuse that it was my birthday, and I decided to indulge in dessert, Nas didn’t want to be left out and decided to follow my lead. I had treacle tart and I think Nas had an apple pie. Where the restaurant was located we were able to sit and watch the various shoppers, it was great to sit and look at the outfits that people were wearing and Nas and I were like two fashion critics sitting there making bitchy comments about the outfits.

Once we had finished eating we went off to the ladies room to touch up our make up and then it was time to do some shopping. I was not concerned about buying anything, but Nas was looking for a new pair of boots. We started off in the Kurt Geiger section and Nas picked out two pairs that she liked, she wanted a pair that looked “sexy” and wanted a guy’s view. So there I was sitting there in my dress and make up, having to switch mentally to guy mode and give an opinion.

We finally both agreed on which pair was best, and then after having a quick look around a couple of the other departments we were ready to head off home, luckily the traffic was a lot better on the way home and we home in half the time.

I decided to stay dressed and drove back to my flat, where I took off my shoes and dress, put on my dressing gown and lay on the sofa, sipping red wine, the end of the perfect day.

Saturday 24th November Xmas Party

As Nas was going to be working throughout December she decided that her Xmas party would take place late in November. Once we finally got a date organised it was then trying to find an event or somewhere new to go. A few suggestions were made and a few of us spent a few nights on our pc’s looking for venue’s, which eventually agreed on Bethnal Green Working Man’s Club and a Tapas Restaurant.

There were about six of us who were having make over’s at Nas’s for the night, I had gotten to her house quite early and was helping out with making drinks and ensuring that the smooth oiled production line was moving. I then had to go off to the hairdressers for my appointment, before returning back to Nas’s for my make over slot.

As we only had two drivers a couple of the gurls went off in the first wave, but as I was the last to get made up (for a change) I was left to go with Nas at the end. It was a big unclear as to what time the entertainment was starting, first it was 7.30, then 7.00, Nas and I arrived about 7.45, and the entertainment had still not started. We managed to get ourselves a drink and it started soon afterwards, it was a burlesque version of Cinderella. The show was interesting and funny and was performed by only 6 people, the only problem was that every 15 minutes they stopped for a 10 minute break and as the finale approached we were already 10 minutes late for our dinner appointment.

Fortunately it was only a 5minute drive to the restaurant where we had booked Dinner; it was a Tapas Restaurant, the same one that we had booked for last years Xmas party, so we knew the food and wine were good. Everybody ordered three dishes each and the food was placed in the middle of the table and we just tucked in, despite everyone’s best efforts there was still food left over(no wine though). After eating we sat there talking until almost midnight and then it was time to go back to the club.

By this time the club had changed and there were loads of people outside queuing to get in, as we had been in previously we were able to avoid the queues and go straight inside. It was pretty busy inside and the music was pretty loud, but it was stuff I had heard of and so was able to sing along to it and after a few more glasses of wine dance also.

At one point in the evening a few of the gurls went up on stage and had there pictures taken and we then met the performers from the earlier pantomime, we explained that we had to leave early and they told us how it all ended, they then stayed with us for a bit dancing and chatting away. Unfortunately the club closed at 2am and it was then time to get back into our cars (me not driving) and head back home.

Saturday 29th December Cabaret

Nas suggested a trip to the theatre to see Cabaret, I’m not really a big theatre goer, but as it was between Xmas and New Year, and the television is always rubbish and you can’t face looking at the turkey leftovers I decided to go along.

As is the case these days I got an appointment at the hairdressers before going to Nas’s, my appointment was 8.30 in the morning, which meant I was up very early to get ready. I finally after almost 2 years had Amanda style my hair for a trip out and she did a great job. I then went off to Nas’s house and upon getting there she was in the process of getting her kids out of the house ready for the tranny invasion.

Once the house was kid free see set about doing my face, after which I was able to sit downstairs, nibble away on food, drink lots of cups of coffee and wait for all the other girls to get ready. Nas had the timing worked out to the last minute, but somewhere along the way she somehow fell behind and once Tess was ready it was then a rush to get from her house, into London find a parking space and still be in time for the show to start. Nas did her usual break neck speed driving and made up her own route along the way, luckily the traffic was quite good and we arrived at the theatre with about 5 minutes to spare, but unfortunately Nas had to park the car so she dropped us outside and went off to Park.

We got the usual stares as we took our places, and waited for the show to start, I must admit having never seen the film I was unsure what the show was going to be about, but I settled in and watched it unwind. I was quite engrossed in it, and it was not until about 20 minutes I realised Nas was still not next to me.

We got to the show interval and saw Nas sitting behind us, she had run back from Parking the car, but had missed the opening 5 minutes of the show and therefore had to sit a few rows back to avoid disturbing people. After the interval we were all reunited and sat down to watch the second half. I was very impressed by the show, maybe because I remembered my glasses and could actually see what was going on for a change.

Once the show was over we went off to get something to eat, we tried to get into a Thai place, but there was a bit of a wait, so Tess who knows every restaurant in London recommended an Italian place which was close by. It was fairly busy inside but we managed to get a table straight away and had a very nice meal.

After dinner it was a walk back to the car, after a brief argument about which was to go we eventually got back to the car before driving back to Nas’s and then on home at a decent hour for a change.