Great Boudoir Nights Out 8


Saturday 9th November

Since Nicola came into existence, I have always kept my birthdays very low key and I think only Nas and Jodie had any idea as to when my birthday was. However, as my birthday fell on a Saturday this year, I spoke to Jodie about organising something. Unfortunately Jodie was on holiday on the actual day of my birthday, so we arranged to organise something for the following week, which also coincided with Beth’s (a fellow Boudettes) birthday.
Having spoken to Jodie, we agreed to go to the Way Out restaurant for a meal, followed by a trip to both Transmission and The Way Out Club all in the same night, which was very ambitious. Jodie mentioned the date on her website and at the end we had about 16 people out.

In the morning, I had arranged to meet Nas for a quick shopping trip at Buckhurst Hill. Nas was running slightly late which meant I was getting a bit panicky as I had to get home and then get a cab back to her house. I got three lovely tops whilst shopping and managed to get back to Nas’s with 5 minutes to spare. Nas had kindly agreed to drive which meant I would able to partake in a few glasses of red wine.
When I got to the Boudoir, Beth was already there being made up and so I was able to sit and relax for a few minutes. I had brought a great new dress a few weeks back and was waiting for an opportunity to wear it, and today appeared to be the ideal opportunity.

Eventually everyone arrived, and Jodie, Nas and Tracie worked their magic to get all the girls dressed and made up and we were only about 30 minutes late. We started to get into cabs for the trip to the restaurant which were where the real fun began. Jodie’s parents were taking two in their car and we booked two cabs to take everyone else. The restaurant is in a small side road in London and one of the cab drivers could not find the street in his A-Z and after a row with Nas and the girls in his cab he threw them out on the street and refused to take them. Fortunately, after Jodie called the cab office the driver was sacked (Boudoir Power) and a 2nd cab was sent to get the girls to the restaurant. When I got there I was pleased to see Jaynie, Mel and especially Michelle at the bar. Michelle is a friend from South Africa and was over in London so it was great to meet her.



Once Nas’s cab finally arrived we were seated at the table and enjoyed a great three-course meal, together with a few glasses or red wine. Towards the end of the meal Beth and I received a birthday cake and everyone sang happy birthday to us.

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After the meal we ordered some cabs (no adventures this time) and made our way across London to Transmission where the party was in full swing. As we’d had such a great time at the restaurant, we didn’t arrive at Transmission until 1am and the club closes at 2am, but this did not stop our girls firstly hitting the bar for a few tops and then dancing their hold ups off on the dance floor. However, by the time we were ready to move on again to the Way Out club we had a few casualties, and a slightly smaller group moved on.

Once again we got into taxis and made the short trip to the Way Out club. As we were late we had missed the evening’s cabaret, so it was straight onto the dance floor, where despite my feet hurting due to new shoes and laddered stockings, I managed to dance non stop for an hour. Eventually I had to stop and sit down for a rest, but Nas soon had me up dancing again.

Finally at about 4am the night ended and we then returned to the Boudoir. I intended going home in my party dress, but unfortunately Nas’s car had a slow puncture. As I did not fancy hitching up my dress to pump the tyre up, I reverted back to male mode and completed the job in record time.