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After the xmas party at Milton Keynes it was a good xmas, Meredith got me a lovely pair of shoes and we spent xmas with my family, my nephews are getting older now, and don’t want board games and the like to play with anymore which is a shame. I think I went out a couple of times to look at the sales, but I cant be bothered to join the scrum for bargains so just stuck to boring stuff like new shirts etc.

As I have done for the last 5 years I put the dresses away for a while post xmas, try and give up drinking and also try and get some fitness back, the giving up drinking and fitness gets harder each year, and the not dressing seems to last longer each year. I have drifted away from some of my friends that I used to hang around with, and can’t be bothered to make the effort to find new friends.

After a few months of some good training and almost 6 weeks of not even having having a wine gum, I met one of my friends for a beer a found out that a group were going to Milton Keynes in a few weeks time, so decided to go along.


Milton Keynes 6th April 2010

Meredith had gone back to the states to visit her family for a few weeks so it was an deal opportunity for me to get out with the gurls, as mentioned above a night out at Pink Punters in Milton Keynes had been organised and as there was no snow about it seemed a good time to get the dresses out again.

As Meredith was away, I managed to get a cheap hotel room by myself in the hotel opposite the club and this time I was able to drive there at a leisurely pace without snow or traffic slowing me down. In fact I got there so quickly that I was able to do a run and have an afternoon sleep before any of my friends arrived.

One of the girls who used to work in my office, always wore nice clothes and I had seen her wearing a red dress which turned out to come from Matalan. I managed to get the same dress and I was going to be giving it it’s debut tonight along with some black suede heels from next. The heels turned out to be a bit higher than I thought and almost caused an accident later in the evening. The night followed the usual ones where my mates and I are concerned drinks, food, then more drinks, we met at the hotel bar and again as usual 8pm meet up means don’t even bother getting to the bar until 8.30 at the earliest as nobody is ever on time. When everyone eventually turned up we had one or two at the bar before walking the 400 yards up the road to the restaurant.

It was the first time I had, sat down in the new restaurant using the a la carte menu, and I was quite impressed with the selection and the quality of the food, I think the only problem we had was several of us wanted the same starter and they run out of it, so I had to have an extra glass of wine instead. After the meal it was the downhill walk to the club and as they was no snow on the ground this time we did not mind waiting in line. Once inside it was up to the highest level to find somewhere to sit and call our home base before we are fragmented into smaller groups to go off exploring the other levels, but all eventually migrating back to the top bar.

I think I must have had one to many drinks, or my heels were a bit to high as one point, coming down the stairs, I slipped lost my right shoe, but luckily it hit nobody and I was able to hang on to the banisters. After retrieving my shoe and adjusting my make up, I went back upstairs and stayed drinking in the top bar until about 3am we decided to go home.


July 18th Way Out Club

After another couple of month’s hibernation, it was time to get the dresses out again and get to the Way Out Club. I tried to get a few people along, but it clashed with some people being on holiday so it turned out it was just Sarah and I going. Sarah does not live to far away from me and said that I could stay over, so on Saturday I packed the bags and drove across to her flat.

Sarah lives in an apartment block with the smallest underground parking bays in the world and I’m terrible at parking. Every time I go there she claims there will be room to park outside , but the four times I have driven there I never got a space and this time yet again, no spaces outside. Getting into a parking space was fairly ok, but I was just dreading having to wake Sarah up to help me get out the next morning. We had the night to look forward to so decided to forget about the car until the next morning. Usually with Sarah we drink too much before going out this time we agreed on just one drink at the pizza express next year before getting ready. After indulging in pizza, one beer and coffee we wandered back to flat to start getting ready, luckily Sarah has two bathrooms so had a mirror each so not having to push each other out the way and fight for the best light. Sarah is a bit of a perfectionist getting ready so despite me almost choking to death on my new mac lose powder and really taking my time I was ready ages before her, so contented myself with a gin and tonic whilst waiting for her to get ready.

Eventually she was ready and we ordered a cab, Sarah reckons she knows most of the cabbies from her local office and they are no longer surprised at picking up trannies from her place and going to the Way Out Club. Once inside it was straight to the bar to continue with the gin and tonics , before wandering around the club to see if there was anybody else we knew inside. At first Sarah introduced me to a few people that we knew, then we met our mutual friend Michaela. Miss MMM as she is known is a larger than life figure and certainly turns a few heads whenever she appears, I cannot remember where she had been prior to going to the way out club, but on the way home she decided to pay a visit., so what had started off as a small drinking night turned into a huge night a couple of times I’m sure I almost fell over in my heels, drinking and high heels are not a good combination.

We stayed and watched the show in the club, met a few more people before deciding it was time to head back home again, where a few more drinks were downed before removing the make up and hitting the sack. Next morning I did not feel to bad, I managed to stay fairly quiet, but eventually woke Sarah up about 10am(early for her) so she could help me get my car out.


5th November 2010 Shopping with Nas

To coincide with my birthday, I arranged a shopping trip with Nas so I could get an outfit for our Christmas event, which was going to be at a restaurant and then onto the Way Out club. I managed to get myself an early morning hair appointment at level one, and the stylist did a great job of adding some curls to my hair and applying enough hairspray so it would not move(but I could not go near open flames)

It was then round to Nas’s for make up and I believe we were initially on time for once, but gradually we slipped further and further behind time and we eventually left about 30 minutes after the time we intended to leave, which to be honest is not bad for Nas. I was wearing a red and black dress with heels and Nas as usual was in jeans, she did point out that real girls don’t really wear heels for shopping so I switched to boots instead. She also told me the split at the back of my dress went a long way up, so putting the hold ups on was a bit on an error, but to late to change then. Nas drove at her usual break neck speed to Bluewater, I think she slowed down once to pay the guy at the toll booth at Dartford Tunnel, but I had my eyes tightly shut so could not see.

It was not to busy in the car park and we managed to find a spot downstairs and then walked across into the shopping centre. I was looking for a complete outfit for the night and had my eye on a purple dress , with matching shoes. I had seen a dress I liked in Warehouse and as that was close to where we went in, we had a look there first it was ok, but without being great. We then made our way around most of the lower level, again without seeing anything that we both liked. Just as we were going upstairs we went into phase 8. I did not see anything I really liked, but Nas spotted a lovely purple dress, which they had in my size.

We decided to keep looking and see if anything else stood out, but kept the Phase 8 dress at the back of our minds, I think there was a nice skirt and top combination in John Lewis which I tried on, but eventually we went back to Phase 8. Inside they were really helpful and had no problem me using the changing rooms. I tried on a couple of dresses, but eventually settled on the one that Nas had spotted. After trying on a couple of sizes we got one that fitted really well, and the we noticed that they did shoes and a bag to match the dress. The shoes were opened toed which I don’t really go for, but as they were a perfect match I went for them this time. We then managed to find a fur wrap which complemented the dress perfectly. We were nearly finished for the day, but by this time we were both a little hungry, so went off to La Tasca for food and liquid refreshment, before getting the final items.

Having got my outer garments, I was then looking for underwear, if you have a purple dress, you gotta have purple underwear to match. Again we did not find anything in the first couple of stores we went into, but in the third one we found a perfect match, in a purple knickers and bra set, which was good quality, but not to expensive. The last item on our list was going to be a purple lipstick, but Nas insisted she had the perfect shade at home with her new make up products. So we carried the bags back to the car for the journey home. For once the M25 was not too bad and we made fairly good progress back to Nas’s before getting my car for the journey home.

Unfortunately I did get to wear my outfit at Christmas as Nas’s part was planned for the day that it really snowed heavily and none of us were able to go anywhere. So my party outfit just sat in the wardrobe over Xmas.