Photoshoot 2014


Wednesday 8th October 2014

Photo Shoot


After a few years absence I decided to return to the Boudoir for my photo shoot, after a few problems agreeing the date we finally got something sorted.

The weekend before I managed to get my hair highlighted and also made a waxing appointment the day before, that can always be risky as sometimes I do get a reaction to the waxing, but luckily this time it worked out ok.
I had spoken to Jodie and I had told her on my plans for the shoot, in my mind I had picked out the four outfits I was going to wear, but decided to pack a few extra outfits. A few extra outfits turned out to be a suitcase full, which was a struggle to lift down the stairs and into my car boot. I had driven to Jodie’s once before and the journey was terrible, this time I tried a different route and the results were the same. The journey is only about 9 miles, but the first 3 miles took me about 45 minutes, luckily I had allowed myself plenty of time to get there, and once I got onto the main road the traffic cleared. When I arrived at Jodie’s she and her dog Betty were there to greet me.

After unpacking my clothes and having a quick coffee it was time to start the hair and make up. I had asked for big curly hair so to begin with I had to suffer the heated curlers. Most of them went in fine, but there is usually one that is troublesome and has to be redone and you end up with those pins being poked in your head. Eventually we thought all of the them were secure, but just as we started the make up, one fell out, finally Jodie was able to start the make up and I was able to sit back and relax, with nothing to but open and close the occasional facial part., we had got it down to a fine art over the years with only commands like “open”, “Close”, “Look up “ needed. After about an hour in the make up chair we were done, but we decided to leave the curlers in a bit longer.

By this time Jodie’s father Mike who is the photographer had arrived and because we had not seen each other for a few years we spent a bit of time catching up on events. Mike also went on to tell me about how the shoot procedure had changed, since my last visit and that they now shot on a green background. To be honest that did not mean a great deal to me, but when I picked up the pictures a week later I understood.
It was then time to take all of the curlers out of my head, style my hair and get into my first outfit of the day.

Outfit 1

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My first outfit was a leopard print dress that I had bought from a girl at my previous job. Not sure where she got it from, but after selling it to me , she wanted to borrow it back. I teamed this up with flesh coloured tights , black shoes and silver jewellery and I was now ready to stand in front of the camera. It must be about a dozen photo shoots I have done over the years, but I am still terrible at posing and smiling, if it was just down to me it would be the same 1000 yard stare in every picture. Luckily I had Jodie and Mike the other side of the camera to help with the posing and the attempts to make me laugh or even smile. Most of the pictures taken in the first outfit I was standing up.

Outfit 2

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This was the red 1950s polka dot dress, which I had worn, in a previous photos shoot, but I thought it looked good, so decided to wear it again. I kept the flesh tights, but changed to red shoes. I also put on the big white petticoat which makes the dress stick out. We then hit a problem, I could make excuses, but basically since last time I had worn the dress I had got fatter, and it would not do up fully. As it was pretty tight we were sure it would stay up and we able to proceed. We wanted to show as much of the dress as possible in this section so, a lot of the poses were sitting down. I think I had managed to smile or was a snarl in some of this sets pictures.

Outfit 3

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Change time again, the flesh tights got there third outing of the day, and I put on my long blue dress. I had got this dress for a ball from my new favourite shop in Chigwell in essex. I also put on some silver heels and some sparkly jewellery. The only problem with this dress is it’s so long and I had to walk carefully from the changing room to the front of the camera. By now I was getting the hang of the poses that were being suggested and was relaxing a bit more. However Mike and Jodie then decided to use a chair as a prop and I then had to try and sit in that in a ladylike manner and smile.

Outfit 4

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Time for the final outfit and the plan was for a black corset and stockings. Having put on the corset and starting to lace it up, Jodie said it did not fit correctly and was doing nothing for my figure. So back into the changing rooms, to put on a short black sparkly dress. I thought, I’d be clever and put the dress over the corset, but because it was short, too much stocking was showing. Another quick change putting black tights over the corset, back into the studio and Jodie decided that this dress also did not look good. So back into the dressing room, next black dress, but with this one I could not wear the corset, so tights off , corset off and finally we were ready to go.

It took a bit of time to do the final pictures, as we tried a few on the chair, then a few on the floor , eventually Mike was happy with them and the shoot was over. It was then time to take off all the clothes and make up, and throw everything back into the case, ready to hit another traffic jam going home.