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March 14th Shopping at Westfield

It’s been a few years since I have been out on a shopping trip, but as I have a big birthday this year and want to look fab for that. I decided to arrange a trip with Jodie. I had already got a dress for the occasion, but I have no idea what I am going to do yet.

Having spoken to Jodie we decided that this was going to be a shopping trip for Jewellery, we also agreed on going to Stratford Westfield. Thinking of it, don’t think the shopping centre was built last time I went out dressed shopping. We had arranged to go out on Monday as we thought it would less busy and also I was working from home that week.

I set out about 8.15 in the morning to get to Jodie’s for 9am, its only a 10 mile journey, but the traffic was terrible and it took almost 90 minutes to do the short journey. I eventually got there, had a coffee and showed her my dress, which I was informed was actually Rose gold and not just plain old gold.

So after deciding on the colour of the dress it was time to do my make up and hair, as there was nobody else due a make over that day, Jodie could take her time and we was able to catch up on a few things. As it was day time shopping the make up was toned down a bit and we did not go for big hair, but all the same feels nice to have my hair done. After about an hour I was all made up. I had already put my dress on, so it was just time to get my boots on and grab my bag and we were ready to go.

It was only a short trip to Stratford and because of the size of the place parking was very easy, and we came straight out into John Lewis, and to their jewellery section. We managed to find a few bits we liked, but decided to look around further. We found a few other places, but were really struggling with rings. I don’t think my hands are particularly big, but we could not find any rings to fit my fingers. After visiting half the Jewellery shops we stopped for lunch, got a plan of the shopping centre and planned our next move, which turned out to be visiting another five jewellery shops, but despite being assured that their rings would fit, we could not find anything.

So it was a return to John Lewis where the same sales lady had kept the bracelet and earrings to one side for us, so at least we managed to get two bits, and I managed to walk round Westfield without falling over or anything equally embarrassing.


11th April

Birthday Dress Try on.

A big birthday is fast approaching and I thought I need to do something for this day, I have no idea what yet, but whatever it is I was bound to need a great outfit. I had already purchased my dress and with the above shopping trip, I got some jewellery. My friend had also sent me a link and managed to get my shoes and bag, so thought it would be good to see how everything looked together.

I had recently got some earrings for pierced ears, but with the adjusters so that you can fit them to non pierced ears. They were dangly so we wanted to see how they looked with my hair up. I can’t say I’m a fan of hair up, but decided to go along with the plan.
Jodie also tried out some different make up on me, before we put the dress and shoes on and posed for multiple pictures.



Wednesday 15th June Lunch at Canary Wharf

Summer is here(well we thought it was) and rather than go to a night club, where to be honest I hate the loud music, I thought I’d do something a bit more low key and go out to lunch. I spoke Jodie and we were able to come up with a date that suited us both, next thing was to sort out what to wear. I had two new dresses, but decided to buy a new bag, to match my nude shoes.

I arrived at Jodies an hour later than normal, and was therefore able to miss the traffic jam’s going through Blackwell tunnel. Elizabeth made her usual appearance running around as if she had never seen me before and then very quickly getting bored and running away.

I was still undecided on the dress to wear and eventually went for the green one, with the nude heels and bag. Jodie did her usual great job on my make up and then used her new crimping irons to do my hair, the hair looked great, but they were bloody hot when she was doing my hair and my head felt burnt for an hour afterwards.

Eventually we were both ready to go and I agreed that as it was only a short walk , I’d brave the heels , we took Jodie’s dog with us, and the three of us managed to negotiate the canal paths without anything happening to us. We had a nice table outside sitting in the sun, whilst Elizabeth(the dog) was given a bowl of water and just flaked out under the table. The food arrived and I had a glass of wine and we were sitting by the river watching the world go by, when the heavens opened and it started to pour with rain. I had finished most of my salad and we just grabbed the rest and headed inside.

Whilst we watched the rain, I managed to finish my food and Jodie moved to a dessert and Elizabeth just lay under the table watching the world go by. The rain finally stopped and the sky went from black to blue so we decided to head home. It was probably only a 15 minute walk back, but the blue sky was getting blacker and blacker and I could not go any quicker in my heels. I thought we were going to make it home, but one of the bridges on the canal was closed and we had to make a slight detour and in those extra few minutes the rain started, but luckily we managed to get in before the main downpour.



3rd September Lunch Again

I must have caught the dressing bug this year as I arranged another , lunch appointment with Jodie. After an initial mix up on dates we finally got something sorted . The date was just after the Rio Olympics had finished and I had noticed that the Team GB athletics kit was on sale to the public. I thought if I could squeeze into the kit, it might make a good photo opportunity. Jodie agreed and I duly purchased the kit. I went for the skimpy bottoms, but my ever expanding gut meant the crop top was a no no.

The journey across was fine, as I have now worked at how to avoid rush hour getting there, getting home is another story. Once settled in, it was the usual routine play with the dog for 5 minutes, she always brings you toys to play with, but you can never win and then move into the make up chair. Where I can chill out for a bit and hear the latest tales of drunkenness . Once the make up was done it was time for hair and we went for the same look as last time, this great device that crinkles my hair, the only thing its very hot and sometimes I can feel the top of my head burning. It was then time to try and get the Team GB kit on.

The top was fine and with my sports bra it looked ok, however the bottoms were tiny and a fair bit of tucking and taping had to be done before I could get into those, and I definitely was not going to be able to run in them. I put my spikes on my feet to complete the look.


After the painful process of untucking was complete, it was time for a quick outfit change and go off to lunch. We had decided to go to a Chinese restaurant which was within walking distance of Jodie’s flat. I thought I had sorted my shoes out with putting grips in the bag, but after a few yards knew that it was going to be a struggle. In addition it was quite windy and the dress I was wearing seemed to be badly affected so I was walking alone, one hand keeping the hair out of my face and other stopping my dress from blowing up. We managed to get the restaurant in one piece and without my underwear being seen by the whole of canarf wharf. The restaurant was quite busy as it was lunchtime, it was strange having a Chinese meal with only two of us and not tearing into crispy duck. By the time we had finished eating we were the only people remaining in the restaurant and it was time for me to hold onto my dress again and brave the walk back.