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January to April 2009



Hi again, I would say happy new year and all that, but realise that its now the 1st July and I’m just beginning to sit here and do the write up for the first 1/3 of this year.

Christmas was great this was my first full Christmas and New Year with my wife and we had a great time, it was nice to have almost a week off work and not bothering setting the Alarm clock, but all too quickly the week was over and it was back to the desk.

I usually have a January off and do all those blokey things like growing a beard and watching football, but the boss in the new job has already had a go at me once about the length of my hair so don’t want to push it with the full on beard also. January is also the time I think about running and losing weight again and as usual I was out running on the 1st January I think I lasted 2 weeks this year before injury struck. I managed to get over this fairly quickly, but then the snow came down and that put the plans to bed for a while.

It is not my intention to give up Nicola yet, but with married life comes more responsibility and although my wife accepts Nicola, I don’t want to be going out so often so will be cutting back on my outings and so these updates might not have so many stories. Also over the last year to 18 months I have drifted away from my some of my friends, I don’t know if they think that I would not be coming out so often, but I just don’t hear from them so much and don’t get the invites out anymore.

Saturday 4th April Way Out Club



I don’t know which of my friends suggested a night out, but as I had been in a long period of hibernation I was agreeable to a night out, even more so when my wife gave me a freedom pass and my friend Mel  told me that she was coming out and that she would come and pick me up.  As it had been almost four months since I had been out and probably over six months since I had attempted my own make up I decided to visit my friend Nas to get her to make me up, I was also wearing my new wig for the first time and thought it might help with makeup colours if she made me up.

Nas did not have any other clients that day so I went around hers about 5.30-6pm which should have given me plenty of time to get ready, but Nas woks to her own time pattern and on getting to her house we firstly had to go and visit a friend of hers before returning back and then she made a couple of phone calls before we even started to do the makeup. Eventually we got going and Nas did a great job, she tried to match the make up with the clothes that I wearing which was great.

As I had not had my legs waxed I wearing going to be wearing jeans for the evening, together with a grey top, and some very high silver heels which ended up being very painful and difficult to walk in. It was lucky that I had decided to get dressed at Nas’s as by this time it was getting on for 10pm and Mel was due to pick me up at 10.30. I drove home as quick as legally possible and arrived  back at the flat just as Mel arrived, so it was quickly inside drop my bag off put my jewellery make Mel a cup of tea and it was time to leave.
We walked down the stairs to the outside of the flat and as usual one of my neighbours was coming in, but he is a fairly old guy and don’t think he can see that far so we were fine, but then there was another guy in the car park who spotted us straight away and asked if he could come with us. We politely declined his offer and set off in the car. After about 5 minutes of driving Mel informs me that she forgot to get any petrol and that we would have to stop on the way. I don’t know if that was a deliberate plan on her part, but I certainly was not keen on stopping, but as she was in the red zone we had to. We managed to fill up by using the pay point at the pump and set off again, but not before Mel was chatted up by a group of girls who were keen to come with us. Now fully fuelled up we continued our journey to the club without any further incidents.

We arrived at the club by 11 pm which is quite early and we were therefore able to find what we thought was a reasonable parking spot. There was not much of a queue as we went inside; I had to hold onto the banisters going downstairs to the club as by now I was beginning to really wobble on the silver heels.  At last we reached the bottom of the stairs and managed to find our way to the bar to grab a well earned drink or two.  We had not made any plans to meet anybody else, but after about half an hour a couple more of my friends turned up and so we managed to catch up on everything that had been happening and as I had not seen them since before xmas in some cases this was quite a bit of catching up.

About an hour later another two friends arrived and so it turned into an all night drinking and chatting session. As usual we tried to watch the show, but after 5 minutes of standing at the back of the crowd and straining our necks we gave up and just returned to the comfortable seats and even more comfortable drinks.
Around 3am Mel decided that she had enough watching us all drink whilst she was only drinking water and so we decided to go home, Unfortunately when we got outside Mel had gotten herself a parking ticket as part of the car was blocking a slope. I think the police know we are going to be in that club and look for cars in the area, because nowhere else is open in this part of London on a Saturday night and who is going to need a slope at 3am in the morning. (More about the police in next   1/4 update).

Eventually I got home about 4am and after removing the makeup and trying to put the clothes in a tidy pile it was to bed and a long sleep.