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January to April 2007


Every year the drinking and eating at Christmas and the New year seems to last longer and costs more each year, or is this just me getting old, now that I am over 40 years of age, I cant understand music lyrics, the policemen and looking younger and fashions are getting terrible.

Anyway after the Boudoir Xmas party I had my usual month of January in hibernation, dieting and growing a beard(a lot of grey in it this year), but eventually the lure of the short skirts and heels was to much and I was back out again with the gurls.

Saturday 3rd February Transmission

Its been a while since I had been to Transmission and a few of the gurls said that they were going to attend I jumped at the chance, especially as Mel said she was going to drive me there and back, dressing up and being able to drink , what more can a girl want. Tess also agreed to come with us and the three of us were to be joined by my girlfriend Meredith.

Meredith spent most of Saturday just laying about watching telly and doing the supermarket run, before deciding how we were going to divide the bathroom so that we could both get our make up done on time. Eventually we devised a system which involved us both moving from the bedroom to the bathroom at different times and in different stages of our make up, but it worked and we were both sitting there on time when Mel arrived.

Our next mission was to get across to Tess’s house, not normally a problem in guy mode, but once the skirt and heels went on, understanding the map was a whole new ball game, but we managed it with only one diversion. After a brief stop at Tess’s it was then on to Transmission, I had surrendered my navigating duties to Tess who did a great job of getting us there and even found us a car park space very close by. Once inside we assumed our usual position at the bar and spent a while just catching up, it had been a long time since I had seen Mel.

It was also Meredith’s first time at Transmission and she went off on a voyage of discovery mainly to talk to Jasmine the DJ to discuss DJ type things, which is beyond my limited brain cells. After a drink or two some more of my friends turned up and again we were able to catch up on things that had been happening since xmas which was the last time that we had all been out. After a long chat it was time for us to move upstairs to the dance area of the club, listen to some of the music and once again hit the bar. It was not terribly busy upstairs which is good in a way as it makes it easier to dance and also makes it not to smoky.

As Mel had to get up early the next morning we had to leave before the finish of the evening so about 2am it was time to have one last dance and then say goodbye to everyone.



Saturday 17th February  Way Out Club

My friend Nas had contacted me during the week to tell me that she was going to the Way Out club with a few people and asking whether I wanted to join them, and as Meredith was feeling a little bit under the weather I decided to go along. Rather than going to Nas for a make over I decided to do my own, and Meredith lent me a dress that she had recently purchased. It was a knee length brown print dress which I teamed up with Brown suede shoes and flesh coloured stockings.

After getting ready I then drove around to Nas’s house where the rest of the gurls were getting their make up done, whilst I was sitting down stairs Omar Nas’s cat decided to sit on me which was fine, until he decided to get his claws out and laddered my stockings. Cats and stockings not a good combination, but with a liberal application of clear nail varnish most of the damage was repaired.

Once everybody was ready we climbed into the back of Nas’s car and headed off to a little Tapas restaurant in Columbia road, we had been there for our xmas party so knew what to expect, although I’m not sure if the locals expected us. It was fairly busy in the restaurant, but we were seated and served very quickly the food is really good and for a small restaurant the choices available are great. I think we all chose one dish each and then got a few other dishes to share between us, by this time the restaurant was almost closed and we were therefore able to take our pictures before getting back into Nas’s car and heading off to the Way Out Club.

Again it has been sometime since I had been to the club and I was surprised to see how busy it was, we were there fairly early and we therefore able to get a reasonably good view of the show, which I think was a Kylie tribute. This was actually one of the better shows that I had seen at the club and obviously a lot of effort had gone into it. After watching the show we moved from the bar area to the back of the club where the seating area is, when I got round there I was surprised to see a few of my other friends who I did not know were going to be out. After getting over our initial surprise at seeing so many people the usual round of drinks was purchased and we sat there catching on the latest scandal.

Around 2.30am Nas was struggling to stay awake and as she was working the next day we decided it was probably time to start heading home, so after saying our goodbyes it was back in the car to Sunny Essex.

Monday 16th April Photo Shoot

After the great pictures that I did with Nas and Clarke last year, I decided to do this years shoot with Clarke again. It was a lot later in the year that I did the shoot which meant we were able to do pictures outside.

It was very difficult for us to arrange a date where all three of us could be off together, but eventually our diaries managed to coincide and the next thing we had to arrange was a venue. Clarke came up with the idea of using his house and his garden which sounded great.

I also needed to try and arrange an appointment with my hairdresser and luckily I was able to secure an appointment for 11am on the day of the shoot. On the Monday I got up fairly to get everything ready and then Meredith and I drove to the hairdressers. I was unsure as to how to have my hair styled, but when Anna suggested making it curly I agreed. My hair was just then dried and she used the hair straightners on it to create some great curls.

Once the hair was done it was time to drive over to Clarke’s house, after getting all of the clothes out, it was then time for Nas to start on my make up. As we were doing the pictures outside we decided to go with lighter colours, after about 45 minutes the make up was done and it was then time to get dressed.

Outfit 1
The first outfit was an Aubergine off the shoulder top, this was teamed up with white ¾ length trousers and black strappy sandals. We started off doing pictures inside, before moving outside to the garden. I just stood there most of the time trying to look pretty whilst Clarke snapped away.

Outfit 2
This was a new dress which I recently purchased at Gemma’s shop, together with the matching jewellery, we teamed up the dress with gold sandals and flesh coloured stockings, again we started inside before then going outside.

Outfit 3
This was a white trouser suit from Next, which I teamed it up with pink shoes, fuschia bra and pink jewellery. We tried to do a few pictures with the jacket open displaying the bra, but I’m very conscious of my stomach so was not over keen on these pictures. Again we did pictures inside then outside before going back inside.

Outfit 4
The last outfit was my usual end of shoot underwear shots, this years set was an ivory set from Aubade. All of the pictures with the underwear were done inside, there were quite a variety including sitting, lying on a sofa, on the floor and standing up.