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My Birthday

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4th November 2006 My 40th birthday

We it had to come at last the realisation that I was not the youngest Boudette anymore and once that hit me I thought , it was time to start organising my 40th birthday celebrations.

I started thinking about ideas about 6 months prior to my birthday and initially we thought about going away and making a long weekend of celebrations, but as my girlfriend wanted to come over and some of the girls from work wanted to attend a meal followed by a night at the Way Out club was the chosen option.

After sorting out the venue and the guests, the next most important thing was getting my outfit, as it was a big night for me and I wanted to impress the girls from work, I had my friend Gemma on the look out for a dress for me. I kept pestering her every few months and she kept saying she was looking, but with only 6 weeks to go she had still not come up with anything. It was a Friday night and I had eaten my pizza and was more than half a way through a bottle of red wine about 10.30 in the evening when the phone rang and it was Gemma and Nas both sounding slightly intoxicated but Gemma told me she that she had a dress and it was Fucking stunning, and it was in the shop ready for me to try on the next day.

Early next morning I drove over to Gemma’s shop and she was right the dress was stunning, it was a long red number which was backless, it came up very small and did not quite do up, but the sash across the back covered the gap. I also found a lovely bracelet, ring and necklace in black to go with it. Gemma also sent her assistant to the shoe shop next door and she came back with some lovely shoes, I was very tempted by one of the pairs, but the £189 price tag put me off. So I put off getting the shoes until my trip with Nas two weeks later.

Having already picked up my dress my shopping trip with Nas was a bit less pressurised but we still had to get shoes, a bag, earrings, underwear and stockings. Rather than go into London we opted for a trip to Bluewater in Kent, we went on a Friday and so it was not as busy as at a weekend. Bluewater is a really big shopping centre so got a map of the shops and started making our way to the various shoe shops. I was looking for round toed black shoes, but Nas kept trying to pick out open toed shoes which I am not keen on. We struggled at first but eventually we found a pair that we both agreed on were great and we found a bag soon after. When decided it was time to sit and have a lunch break before returning to our quest, we managed to find stockings and knickers fairly quickly and having ticked everything off the list it was time to go home.

Although my big night was on Saturday my actual birthday was on the Thursday and the whole of that week I was really busy ,on the Wednesday night I was at Nas’s to get my waxing done together with a pedicure and I had these lovely diamonds on my toes. On my actual birthday I had my usual day at work then went out to the pub in the evening some of my gurl friends actually came along , although they did not really mingle to much with my work colleagues, I had a great night and my head was not to bad the next morning.

As I was wearing a red dress on Saturday night it was decided between my hair dresser and I that I should tone my hair colour back more to its original darker colour but still leave some of the highlights in it. As I was felling slightly hung over it was nice to just sit there get my hair done and have a few cups of coffee, we also discussed what we were going to be doing to the hair the next day. I spent the rest of the day chilling out with Meredith and getting ready for tomorrow. Next morning Meredith took our clothes to the hotel and I laid in bed quite late before packing my bags and heading off to Nas’s house this time to get my finger nails painted, we chose a colour which matched my dress and then we were desperately trying to get the nails dry before I went off to the hairdressers I think I managed to get there without smudging them. Back at the hairdressers Jane set about creating the style we decided on which was straight at the top with curls at the back. As it was quite late I was Jane’s last customer of the day and a couple of the younger staff in the shop came over to watch, I’m not sure what they made of the guy with the pink nail varnish getting his hair curled.

Once my hair was finished it was off to the Boudoir , I tried to look straight ahead as I drove and to ignore any strange looks I got, luckily I managed to get a parking space fairly close by and was able to sneak into the Boudoir without bumping into anybody. It was unusual for me to be one of the last to arrive at the Boudoir, and by the time I got there most people were dressed or at least half dressed, so I just sat myself down with a glass of wine and waited for my make over. After about a glass full of wine, it was my turn to get ready and Jodie made me up for my big night and then helped me into my new dress which everyone said was stunning.

It was then time to leave and we set off in two cabs for the West End, unfortunately a combination of heavy traffic and our drivers not having a clue where they were going meant that we drove around in circles for a long time. A one point we saw the gurls in the other cab get out and start walking in completely the wrong way towards the restaurant, but as I had my new dress and new hair style I was not about to do that and so we made our cab driver go around Piccadilly circus again until this time he dropped us right outside Quaglino’s. We had arrived about 45 minutes late, but luckily Sarah and Stacey had arrived on time and we taking care of the girls from work at the bar introductions were quickly made and we had a drink whilst we awaited the last arrivals. Nas soon appeared and introduced herself to everyone in her own way. It was then we noticed Michaela was not there, I walked back to the front of the restaurant to find Michaela deep in conversation with the door manager, it turned that Michaela’s outfit did not meet the dress code and they would not let her in.

Unfortunately there was nothing that we could do about it so we saw Michaela into a cab and sent her off in a cab to the Way Out Club where we would see her later, the rest of us at last sat down for dinner. I sat next to Meredith with Laura next opposite me, and my red wine partner Tess not to far away. The menu was pretty extensive and I started off with Goats Cheese which was done slightly different but was still very good, for my main meal I went for steak which was done really well, between mouthfuls of steak I was indulging in a lovely red wine chosen by Tess. I was about to make up my mind as to whether I wanted a dessert when a waiter arrived with a birthday cake from the gurls, it had candles on it and everybody sang happy birthday to me, so instead of ordering dessert we just ordered coffee and arranged for the cake to be cut and given to everybody. The gurls then gave me some birthday presents which was really kind of them, these included some gift vouchers, cosmetics and Lingerie.

After settling up the Bill it was time to move on to the Way Out Club which was going to be a real eye opener for the girls from work, I think they were pretty nervous about going in, but we looked after them. Once we got into the club handed our coats in, and had drunk our first drink it was time to hit the dance floor. It was a little bit awkward to dance in such a long dress and my new shoes were beginning to hurt a bit, but a gurl’s gotta suffer some pain so I danced on. After about an hour of dancing it was time to sit down and grab a few more drinks, it was also a good opportunity to chat to a few people and to take some more photos. The girls also got to meet Vicky who runs the club. Prior to the club closing at 4am it was time to hit the dance floor once again before everyone got into their cabs and went home.

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