Thank You Jodie



I first met Jodie about two years ago, again through the Way Out Guide. I initially contacted her as I was having trouble styling my wigs. I was felt at ease with her straightaway was really impressed with the way she restyled my hair and applied my make up. I had taken with me the pictures that I had previously had taken, but as soon as I saw the results she was achieving I knew I would have to book a photo session with her.

The results of the photo session were amazing; I could not believe it was me in the shots. I usually hate having any photos taken as any smiling I do usually looks so false, but Jodie, with the help of Pandora and her father Mike the photographer, not only managed to make me smile, but manoeuvred me into positions I have not been in before or since.

Since then I have visited her and gone shopping on numerous occasions including my most exciting and nervous moment when I went on a shopping trip to Selfridges. After picking out some clothes, she dragged me into the changing room to try them on. Well, I can tell you there are some sights in the women's changing rooms!

Every time I visit, I am constantly amazed at the time and effort she puts into her work. She never rushes you and you always feel special. The results are always stunning and I always feel confident in how I look once I have visited Jodie.

What I also really like is whenever we go shopping or practise make up she is always patient and listens to my views, but then does the opposite. When shopping, she lets me pick out clothes, before telling me "that looks awful", and handing me something she picked for me. I can't wait to go shopping to Lakeside with her to get my first real pair of Essex girl white stilettos.

I would suggest that when you go shopping with Jodie, take an umbrella. It doesn't just rain, it's monsoon season, and if you go shopping for shoes with Jodie and see a pair you like, make sure you remember which shop they were in. We once spent almost an hour walking about in Camden (in the rain) trying to find the shoe shop we had first visited that morning.

With her new partner in crime, Spike, I'm certain she will go from strength to strength, but don't just take my word for it. Check out the site and pay her a visit. It's the best thing I ever did

Thanks Sweetie

Miss Nicola Smith (still quiet and deadly)



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