Great Boudoir Nights Out 5


June 20th Royal Ascot

A year has flown past since last year’s Ascot and once again, I found myself visiting Gemma at the Blue Room, trying to find this year’s outfit, as usual my clothes guru Nas was there to help me pick my outfit. We again chose a dress which was a ¾ length champagne colour slip dress and although it is not the done thing to do, the hat, shoes and bag from last year’s outfit were a perfect match. This meant I only needed to buy a scarf and stockings to complete the outfit. Once again I took the Ascot week off work (with the I’m doing decorating excuse being used again). Jodie had arranged for her headquarters for make overs to be at a hotel in Frimley, which was much nearer than last years hotel. After our harmonious week together in Gran Caneira I again shared a room with Rebecca. My drive to the hotel was pretty uneventful although I did manage to get lost on three separate Occasions before eventually finding the hotel.

We had arranged to meet in the hotel bar for a few beers and a meal the night before and it was great to see Jaynie, Davina and Jackie in the beer garden even though they were not going the next day. Eventually everybody had arrived and majority of us were in male guise although a few of the girls had made the brave decision to be dressed. We had two full tables for dinner, although I did not fancy the carvery meal on offer that night, so stuck with a liquid meal, but having been handed a 5am make over last year I did not over indulge. Jodie finally came round with her clipboard of times, which surprisingly blank. We were able to pick our own times this year, and after a brief discussion with Rebecca we plumped for an 8 and 8.30am make over, after which it was time for a quick last beer before bed.

I slept terribly that night the room was noisy and bright and I fell out of bed once, upon hitting the floor I realised the curtains had not been drawn and the light was flooding in. I had set the alarm for 7.15. But at 6.50 my phone rang and it was Nas, advising me that I had a nail appointment at 7, so it was a quick jump out of bed shower etc, and grab my wig and head off to Nas’s room. As usual Nas had her full range of Nail polishes lined up and between us we chose a colour which matched my dress, Nas did my nails beautifully, although the nail polish she left on the bed and her white jeans came a close second.

Next it was across the corridor to Jodie’s for my make over, which was as always perfect. I’m always amazed how Jodie manages to do such a great job especially at such an early hour in the morning and she is always so cheerful and she achieves stunning results with a minimum of words, her main instructions are “open”, “look up”, “close your eyes” and “you filthy bitch”. I think she saves the last one for her favourites.

Jodie’s right hand girl on all these occasions is Tracie and without her the smoothly oiled Boudoir cogs would fall off. On this particular occasion Tracie was not only making sure all the gurls met their appointments on time, but was also trying to organise a replacement coach as ours had been involved in an accident the night before.

Eventually our carriage we got a smaller coach they intended and together with some of the girls getting into a people carrier we set off for the racecourse. As we were a lot closer to the course than last year and as we approached from the opposite direction we had a smooth and traffic free journey, and when we arrived we saw that once again Mike and Maureen (Jodie’s parents) had found a great spot to erect our marquee. When we got off the coach we were given the usual stares and giggles and fingers were pointed in our direction, but we took it all in our stride and strolled to our marquee in a ladylike fashion to get commence our champagne reception.


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After a few glasses of champagne it was time to sit down and have our lunch, once again Maureen and her friend excelled themselves in the food stakes and we were able to eat until the seams in our dresses bulged, after which it was time to move into the Grandstand area, this is always at particularly nervous time for me as I’m never sure what can of reaction we are going to get, much people are fine, but we get the occasional comment.

This year I was determined to have a bet on a few of the races and armed with the Racing Post and Sarah Gray’s tips I was positive I was on a winner, but alas my equine four legged friends let me down and 3rd place was the best place I managed. After watching a few of the races, we strolled around the grandstand before stopping near the winner’s enclosure to get a bottle of champagne, where as usual the minute we stopped people immediately came up to us and asked to have their picture taken with us.

After one last bet using the remains of the previous nights beer money (lost again) we eventually made our way back to the marquee to firstly rest our aching feet, partake in afternoon strawberries and more champagne and the finally get the pictures of everyone taken.


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All to soon the day came to an end and it was time to board the coach for the trip back to the hotel, where it was a quick change, remove the nail varnish, say goodbye to Jodie, Nas and Tracie before grabbing last orders at the bar.