Great Boudoir Nights Out 2


Boudoir Christmas Party Friday 21st December 2001

What a way to celebrate Christmas: attending the Boudoir Xmas party instead of spending a day at work! Jodie organised the date but kept most of the details close to her chest, so upon my arrival at the Boudoir I knew we were going to the House of Magic, but knew nothing beyond that. As it was an Xmas party, that perennial problem of what to wear was constantly on my mind in the weeks leading up to the party, and I decided to splash out on a new dress. For a change I decided to buy a long dress, which is black and see through and looked great. However when it came to the big day I got nervous about the see through elements of the dress and went back an old favourite, little black number.

As usual I was one of the first to arrive at the Boudoir and it was soon my turn to sit in the magic chair so that Jodie could once again weave her magic. By the time I was Boudoired there were at least another half a dozen girls there, and soon it was just a masse of dresses, shoes and girls in various states of undress.



After everyone was finally ready (only about 45 minutes late) it was all aboard the coach for the journey across London. It was our bad luck to hit a traffic jam which meant we were stuck in traffic for about an hour, but talking to old and new friends help pass the time.



We eventually arrived about half an hour late, and just walked in not realising that there would be 'normal' people there also, mmmh we got quite a few stares. I felt like a newborn panda in a zoo. However the owner of the club knew what to expect and we were taken to a room upstairs to await delivery of our champagne. After a few drinks it was downstairs for a meal before sitting down to see the show. Nas arrived before the show started, rushing there directly from work. I am a bit of a cynic when it comes to magic, but must admit I was pleasantly surprised by the magic show, which must have lasted a good hour, and most of the tricks were new to me. I was baffled by how a few of them were performed. Jodie had her part to play in the show when she had her hand cut off, but she has since made a full recovery, not so sure about my eardrums after Jodie's screaming.

After the show the rest of the evening was taken up with drinking and dancing. I think for some of us there was a bit to much of the former and while resting my feet after dancing so much I was treated to a marvellous rendition of White Christmas my Jaynie. I have also been informed that she gave Nas an album's worth of songs in her car on the way back to her hotel.



We finally got back to the Boudoir at about 2am, where is was time for a quick change before driving home, ready to do the Xmas shopping early the next morning. The night was a great way to start the Xmas celebrations.