Early Photos


All the photos below were taken at Partners Photographic Studio in Brighton

These photos were taken in 1998


The photos below are a selection taken from my first real photo session and Partners Photographic Studio in Brighton. I drove down to Brighton on a Sunday afternoon, having only spoken to David on the phone. When I finally arrived, both David and Gwen immediately made me welcome.
After coffee, Gwen set to work on the make up, whilst David set up the backdrops. I was extremely nervous standing in front of the camera, but they both worked hard to relax me. I was really pleased with the shots, and could not believe the results. Looking back now, I feel that these photos are the girl next door image and I had not yet found my own style.


These photos were taken in 1999

The second photo session at partners in Brighton. Once again, I drove down on a nice summers day to meet Gwen and David. Gwen was particularly keen to see how my wardrobe had developed over the preceding year and to check out the new hair. I think I was over confident in my own ability to apply make up at this shoot and did my own. By the results, you can see I was not good enough and in some of the shots my beard is visible.
I was also a little disappointed at the results from this shoot; too many of the poses look like the rabbit in front on the oncoming car. I think this is mainly due to me not being really comfortable in front of the camera, and trying to force a big smile.

Unfortunately, I have been unable to contact Gwen and David for the past few years, which is a shame because they really helped with my early development.