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June to December 2013

Wednesday 14th August 2013 Photo Shoot


During my last photo shoot with Sarah from Oh So Wow, it came up in conversation that she rode a motorbike. I mentioned that I had always wanted to do a shoot sitting on a motorbike and so the wheels were put in motion to do another shoot.I had ideas in my head as to what look I was trying to achieve, I already had a leather jacket and skirt. I had also recently purchased a new pair of boots which would look great. Finally I managed to get a Harley Davison T shirt on ebay to complete the look.
Sarah had moved since the last shoot, and despite having a sat nav I managed to get lost twice, but was still just about on time. Sarah advised that she had been successful on her ebay bid and that we were going to be using her new bike for the shoot which was a Harley Davison. After looking at the bike it was time to unpack and try and work out some sort of order for the shoot. I had only put together a couple of outfits, but Sarah tried to look at ways of mixing and matching what I had with me.

It was then time to sit down and do my hair and make up, I had done my last shoot with Sarah so I knew roughly how long it was going to take for the make up, so you take this time to sit back and relax. Eventually most of the face was finished, but I had problems with my left eye which was weeping constantly ,we decided it was best if I tried to get dressed and then have something to eat and hope by then that the eye had settled.
At last it was time for me to totter in my boots into the studio and try and get onto the motorbike, the Harley was a pretty bike heavy bike and I was very wary about how much of my weight I could actually put on the bike whilst it was on the stand. We started off with me just standing in front of the bike with my leather jacket and skirt on.

Once we had done a few standing poses it was time for me to try and get seated on the bike, well it was difficult enough trying to get my leg over, with heels on, but with a tight leather skirt, and trying to do it in a ladylike manner was almost impossible. It was also proving to be quite difficult to balance with one leg either side of the bike. After almost falling over a few times we worked out the best way to get the look we wanted was to take off my boot which was not on view behind the bike
It was then time to move the bike to another position and this was quite a job,this time we were going for the underwear shots, once again I was trying to do my best to look happy and to force a smile, but not sure if it came across this way, knowing me probably not.

It always feels sad taking all the make up off, especially as it takes so long to put on, and sometimes its a long time before it goes on again. However today due to the problems I had with my eye I was pleased to step under the shower to wash the hairspray out of my hair and remove the make up from my face.


December 2013

Restaurant and Way Out Club

Having not done anything since the photo shoot, I was looking to try and get out again at Christmas. Jodie at the Boudoir had organised a meal followed by a trip to the Way Out Club and I decided to go along.
As it was my first time out in ages and as it was Christmas, a new dress was of course needed for the night. I wanted to get something sparkly, but not black. I did find something in a local shop, which was only £20, but when I got it home it was an indecently short even if it was worn as a top. After checking the internet I eventually found a gold dress in warehouse. I was going to get gold shoes, but decided against it as I thought I would look to sparkly and I also found a nude pair of shoes and matching bag hiding in the back of the wardrobe.

Since I had last been to the Boudoir it had moved location on several occasions, despite studying several maps before leaving, I managed to get myself lost. So ended up having to make several phone calls before managing to complete the half mile walk from the station. The new venue was a smart apartment with plenty of light and space to move about, a far cry from the first Boudoir. Also different there was now a dog the greeted you rather than the Siamese cat. I’m not really a good person, but this one appeared to be friendly.

Some things never seem to change with a very busy Boudoir and there were various people in different stages of make up, hair and getting dressed. I had a few minutes to unpack and sort my clothes out before my make up slot. As mentioned I had not been out with the Boudoir for some time, but had kept in touch with Jodie over the years, it was good to sit in the make up chair and catch up with her. After my make up it was time to put on my dress, but I left my shoes off until later. My hair was next to be done and it was made curly.

As I was one of the late arrivals, I was in the last taxi to the restaurant, which actually had a almost traffic free journey and got there almost on time. I cannot remember the name of the restaurant, but it was in the Piccadilly are of London, we had all chosen our food beforehand and again the mists of time mean I cant remember what I ate. I was seated down the far end of the table away from the red wine group, so had to make frequent visits to the other end to top up my glass. Not many pictures were taken at the restaurant, but one was taken of me (not smiling as usual) and doing my best to blend in with the wall paper.

After the meal and several more glasses of red wine it was time to move onto the Way Out Club, several of the group decided against going, but I already made my mind up to go along. After a few phone calls we finally managed to get some cabs for the short trip to the Way Out Club. The Club has changed venues a few times recently, but for this particular night I had already been to this location. As I had partaken in a few glasses of wine with dinner, I decided to alternate my drinks between water and gin, during one of my visits to the bar, I was chatted up for thirty minutes by a guy who insisted on giving me his business card “just in case I ever got lonely “. I had to admire his persistence and he was polite, but thirty chatting and he did not even offer to buy me a drink.

Eventually I was rescued by one of my friends, and I returned back to our table to catch up on any scandal. As I sat down I noticed the hem of my dress had caught on my tights, but I undid, I realised that this could not have been the first time this had happened this evening as I had a ladder that went from my thigh almost down to my ankle. Luckily they were flesh coloured and so the ladder could not been seen until you were close.
A bit later in the evening one of my other friends arrived and I managed to arrange a lift home with her, which was good news as this meant I could have another couple of Gins. Most of the group were now on one big table and I managed to talk to a couple of people that I had never met before., two of which were interesting.

After one more round of drinks it was time to start heading home, I had to go back to the Boudoir to pick up my bags, before the short trip back to Essex. I arrived home about 4.30am and after removing my make up and trying to put the clothes away it was time for bed.