Great Boudoir Nights Out 1


This page is going to give you more gory details regarding some of the Great Nights Out I've had organised by Jodie and now Nas of the Boudoir. Hopefully it will introduce you to some of my friends and show you some not so glamorous pictures of yours truly.

Rubber Ball 2001

The Rubber Ball took place on Monday 8th October 2001 at Hammersmith Palais, which is in West London.

The Ball is a major event on the fetish calendar, and many rubber-clothing companies launch new ranges at this event. For myself, I had got a military look jacket, with a very short matching skirt, platform boots, but the hardest thing to get was a hat. I eventually found one locally and told them I was buying it for a fancy dress party (if only they knew).

I had booked some days off during the week of the ball so I did not have to worry about getting into work the next morning. The preparation for the ball started for me the day before, when I was used as a model by Jodie to show the other two make up artists, Nas and Chris, the look she wanted to use on everybody for the big day. I managed to have a long sleep in bed the next morning as I knew it was going to be a long night and then drove round to pick up Nas. The weather was terrible and it was pouring with rain as we drove to Jodie's.

Jodie, Nas and Chris were going to be extremely busy as they had 16 make overs to do in less than 5 hours, and a well organised conveyer belt of trannies were gradually processed by the dynamic trio. It was so well organised that Nas had time to go round and do everyone's nails before we left.



Rather than going directly to the Ball, a pre event buffet had been arranged at the Philbeach hotel in Earls Court, and while we tucked into the food and champagne Jodie and Nas finally had time to get changed. We had about an hour at the Philbeach, during which time I managed to make a few new friends before we reboarded the coach for the journey to Hammersmith Palais.



Upon reaching the venue a huge queue had formed outside, but Jodie marched to the front, announced "my gurls don't queue" and low and behold we went straight inside.

Most of the group had never been to the Ball before, so therefore did not know what to expect when we stepped through the doors, and on stepping through our eyes almost popped out of our heads. Being a delicate young girl from Essex, I did not know what to expect as I walked in. There was more rubber in sight than there is in a Michelin factory. We all split up into various groups and gradually made our way around the hall, taking in the various displays and shows. I made a particular point of avoiding a woman who was dancing with a huge python.

After walking around for a while, we made our way to the bar to reconvene for a drink or two before watching the amazing fashion show. Once again I was amazed at the numerous rubber outfits on display. After the show it was time to hit the dance floor, and gradually my head got used to the constant throbbing of the techno music (yeah I know I'm getting old). We had a great time, but not having much practice in dancing in platform shoes my feet soon began to hurt and also to not put too fine a point on it, it got very hot and sweaty inside and with all that rubber it got very warm. Eventually it began to take its toll on us and by the end of the night we were all sitting down in 'Boudette corner' rubbing each others tired and aching feet.

Finally at about 2.30 it was time to start boarding the coach and journey home, firstly via the Philbeach to drop a few girls who were spending the night, and then back to the Boudoir to finally get out of my platform boots and change back into normal clothes to drop Nas at home, before getting to bed at about 5.00am (good job I booked the day off)