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10th Sept - 31st Dec 2005

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Saturday 10th September: Repartee 50th Party

This was a party to celebrate the 50th edition of Repartee Magazine, which may not seem many, but as it is only published 3 or 4 times a year it is not bad going. The party was in a new venue and everyone was looking forward to the evening’s events.

I decided it was time to dig deep to the back of my wardrobe and find one of my older outfits for the night rather than buying a new dress for this event, I decided on a leopard print dress which I got for Ascot about 4 years ago and have not worn it since. There was the usual turn out at the Boudoir and also as usual I was one of the first to be made over and I sat about patiently waiting for the other girls to get ready. Eventually everyone was ready and we set off in our cabs to get to the club, we got fairly close to the club, but could not pull up outside as Vodaphone had a party and had managed to close down the road. Unfortunately what had been a very hot sticky day had become a wet night and we had to run as ladylike as possible from the cab into the club entrance.

Once inside we managed to hook up with the gurls who had been in the first taxi and grabbed a few drinks whilst we waited for the late arrivals, there was food laid on inside all of it was being served by some gurls dressed as maids. After everybody finally arrived we explored the rest of the club. It was pretty busy and I managed to catch up with a few people that I had not seen for a long time, it’s always nice to talk to someone rather than use e mail or the time. After chatting for a while it was time to hit the dance floor, but inside the club it was very hot and after only a short time dancing nearly everybody had moved outside where it was a lot cooler. Unfortunately the rest of the evening occurred outside with everybody remaining outside talking rather than dancing, by 12.30 the club had really thinned out and I grabbed a chance to sit down inside and was soon joined by a few others from our group a few of which fell asleep, so by 1.30am it was time to head back to the Boudoir to change and go home.

Saturday 8th October The Rubberball

The rubberball is always one of the most popular events on the Boudoir calendar and this year was no exception, with Jodie and Nas having to get about a dozen girls ready for the big night.

The ball had also changed venue from its traditional Hammersmith Palais home to a new venue in South London, so we were all excited by this.

I had no idea what outfit to this years event, I discussed a few outfits with Jodie and eventually we agreed that Jodie, Nas and I would go as cops. The outfit consisted of a short jump suit, whale net tights, boots and a hat, I also managed to pick up mirror shades and handcuffs for us all.

I’ve been growing my hair for over a year now and although it is coming along well I decided I wanted some hair extensions in for this event, and a week before the event I went shopping with Jodie to get these.

On the day of the event I was as usual an early arrival at the Boudoir and after having my make up applied I sat about eating drinking and waiting for the other gurls to get ready.

It’s always interesting everyone getting ready for the rubberball as the dresses the gurls wear are so different the stuff I see them in the rest of the year, unfortunately as Jodie was so busy we did not have time to get many pictures and the one below is the only one of all three of us together.

Eventually everybody was ready and we boarded the coach for the trip across London to the venue, after a few problems with directions we finally got there, to see a huge queue outside, but as always Jodie and Nas marched to the front of the queue and after a few minutes were inside, The new location was a lot bigger than the previous venue and had many different rooms, and each one contained a different theme.

Once we had obtained our first drink we decided to explore all the various rooms, before deciding which one was our favourite and set up camp there. Although the different rooms made it interesting I think I preferred the set up of the older venue as you were able to see everything that was taking place.

That said we managed to find a room that we liked and was able to spend the night away both drinking and dancing, until such time as feet could take no more, and I had to find a seat to rest for the last 30 minutes or so. At about 4am it was time to go home so I rounded up my fellow wpcs and we headed back to the Boudoir.

Saturday November 12th School Disco

Meredith was over from New York and to coincide with her visit Jodie arranged for a return to school disco, which I have not been to for a few years. On the day of the event Meredith and I went to see the Lord Mayor’s show before going over to the Boudoir. It did make a big change for me being one of the last at the Boudoir for a change, when we got their well oiled machine was in full flow and trannies were being made up left, right and centre.

I did not have long to sit about and wait until it was my turn, at one time I both Nas who was doing my nails and Jodie who was doing my face working on me at the same time. I then got into my short skirt, blouse and fishnets and was ready for the night with the rest of the girls. I had two taxis to get us there and when we arrived there was the usual queue outside Hammersmith Palais, with everybody in school uniform as usual we came for some stares and comments. As Jodie and Nas know the owners of the club we managed to once again get in fairly quickly and we were also ushered to the VIP area of the club.

Once we had downed a few drinks it was time to go exploring around the club, school disco is strange because of the people there are much younger than ourselves, but happy to dance to music that I grew up with, but play that at a normal party and they will walk out of the room. Meredith and I managed to find ourselves a convenient spot on the dance floor and danced away to hits of the 80’s until my feet began to hurt. So we returned to the VIP area to rest for a while, when the slow songs came on Nas was trying to give me dancing instructions, but it was very difficult to dance close to Meredith in a skirt.

Towards the end of the night a couple of young kids started to pass comments about us and Jodie leapt to our defence and gave the kids a long lecture on life and various other matters, after which instead of walking away they sat down and talked to us. At 2am it was time to link arms and sing along to New York, New York before getting into our taxis and heading home.

Saturday 2nd December Xmas Party

After an absence of a few years the Boudoir Xmas party returned to the House of Magic, which is in a secret location in South London. On the day of the event I had arranged to have my ever lengthening hair cut and highlighted. Instead of blonde highlights I had a caramel colour inserted, which I was told would be more subtle and would give me the chance to build them up gradually.

Once my hair had been finished I drove off to the Boudoir to get ready for the big night out, I had a new dress which Meredith had shipped over from America to wear for the big night. It is a light green colour and was very different from all of the other dresses that were on show. After I was made up I sat about for a while and had a few drinks whilst waiting for the rest of the girls to get ready, I was in the last of the cabs to leave for the House of Magic and after negotiating the London traffic jams we finally managed to get there.

Upon arrival we made our way to the bar before it was our turn to go on the tour of the haunted cellar, this is just a bit of fun with exhibits that come to life and a comedy routine from the guide, after this it was a return to the bar to find the other gurls and then find our table for the night. The food was a buffet style affair and we all piled up our plates and then sat down and waited for the entertainment to begin, there had been magicians walking around the tables doing card tricks previously, but the main magician was on the big stage, unfortunately as I was not wearing my glasses I could not see all of close hand tricks, but was able to see the big tricks which were very impressive, especially one trick which involved participation from a member of the audience.

Once the show had finished and we had eaten our way through the buffet and drank our share of the European wine lake it was time to hit the dance floor, as well as ourselves there were a couple of companies having their xmas parties and we managed to mingle in with them, on the dance floor, before we all moved upstairs to sit about recover and talk about the events of the night. At about 1am it was time for most of the gurls to go home as I was staying at Sarah’s we had one more drink before heading back to her house.

Saturday 17th December Pink Punters

The second party of the Xmas season was held at Pink Punters in Milton Keynes, which a great venue as there is a hotel less than 100 yards away from the club itself and a restaurant a further ½ mile up the road. The only problem is getting to Milton Keynes which is just full of runabouts and getting there first time is tough. Jodie had volunteered to drive so I squeezed into the back of her sports car, along with her mother and Jodie’s cat.

Well I’m used to cramped conditions on the central line on Monday mornings, but this was worse than that, within 20 minutes I believe I had cramp in four different places in my legs. After what seemed like a lifetime to my legs and endless roundabouts we finally reached Milton Keynes, but due to traffic we were over an hour late. I went off into my room to un pack and get ready for my make up slot, I was ready on time, but then spent the next 1.5 hours lying on Jodie’s bed with Spike(Jodie’s cat) sleeping on my chest. Eventually Spike decided to get up and I was then allowed to get my make up done and then go off and get ready for the night. Once I had got dressed I went off to the hotel bar to grab a drink or two before heading up the road to the restaurant.

I never been in the restaurant before, but a few of the gurls had and told me the food was really good, I had ordered goats cheese, venison and then something I cant remember, and I must admit the food was really good, and of course the red wine that I shared with Tess and Billie added to the occasion. After the meal was finished it was time to make a brisk walk (it was freezing) down to the club, where once inside it was yet another trip to the bar, where I was served the biggest glass of red wine ever. I did think momentarily about complaining about it being too much wine, but that thought only lasted an instant.

It was a funny night inside the club, as nobody really seemed to want to go down onto the dance floor everyone was just happy to remain in the upstairs and just sit there talking and drinking, which we did until about 3am in the morning when it was time to go home. There is a road separating the hotel from the club and a small grass bank and in our drunken state we decided to run up it, its quite difficult to keep forward momentum going when your heels dig in, but we all safely negotiated the bank, however later in the night one of our group was less successful and fell over.

Saturday 31st December Pink Punters

After the success of last years New Years Eve we decided on a repeat performance this year, and as it was on a Saturday a trip to Pink Punters was planned. With friends and family still at many people’s houses it was only 5 of us that made the trip. We had all booked into the hotel opposite Pink Punters so that we could easily stagger back home in the early hours.

After my adventures reaching Milton Keynes with Jodie on my last trip, I managed to find an alternative route which avoided almost all roundabouts. It was freezing cold when I got there and once I booked in I had to put the heating on in the hotel room, watch the football results and wait for the other girls to arrive. Once Sarah and Tess arrived we had a wander to find an off licence to buy a few bottles of wine to drink before going out. We did our own make up and then met up, the hotel bar and restaurant were closed but we were told that a pub/restaurant close by would be serving food and the owner had guaranteed us entry, so after finishing off the wine we set off for the pub. Once inside it was again to the bar to have a drink which turned into two and then three, we then raised the issue of food and were told there were only bar snacks available and unfortunately this was not enough for four big strong girls.

So after one more drink we staged our way across to the club, and made our way to the upstairs bar, it was not as busy as last time we visited and we therefore were able to find somewhere to sit and chat before deciding it was time to go down to the dance floor, by this time the effects of the wine and the lack of food was beginning to take effect and I was beginning to feel a bit rocky on my heels and Stacey even decided it was time to go home before midnight arrived.

At midnight the usual thing happened and people all joined hands to sing traditional new years songs and then everyone goes round kissing and wishing each other a happy new year. As the wine had affected us all we decided it was time to switch either to coke or orange juice for the remainder of the night. However by about 2am we were all very tired and decided that it was time to go back to the hotel to sleep.