Great Boudoir Nights Out 14


Saturday October 30th Transfandango Ball

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The annual Transfandgo Ball is usually one of the highlights of the Tranny year, the event is organised by the Wallness Childrens Charity and helps to raise funds for this cause. The event is usually held in Manchester and we usually make it a long weekend by going up on the Friday afternoon, however this year the organisers decided to switch the event to London. Also the event clashed with another big Tranny event the Miss TV Scotland competition and as Sarah Gray won this last year a group from the Boudoir would also be attending this event so our forces would be split.

It was a small but star studded group of Boudettes who had elected to attend the Transfandgo Ball which consisted of Nas, Tess, Terri, Deobrah and Myself. I had used public transport to get over to Nas’s for a lift and this involved me getting up really early and getting 3 buses to her house, I arrived at the designated time to find Nas in her usual state of unreadyness. We then drove across to the Boudoir at twice the speed of light to make me only 15 minutes late for my allocated time.

As it was only a small group to get ready at the Boudoir we were able to stretch out leave our bags all of over the place without tripping up and take our time getting ready, and at one time we were almost on for a Boudoir first, ie being ahead of schedule, but somewhere down the line we lost track of time and at the end it was a rush to get everybody ready in time.

We then had no time to arrange transport to get across London so luckily we had two people who were willing to drive and therefore had to make my second mad dash across London to get to the hotel on time. We managed to find a parking space fairly close to the hotel, even so walking the two or three blocks in a heavy heavy sequein dress with new shoes that rubbed from the minute I put them on was very difficult.

We eventually arrived as the champagne reception was drawing to a close, but we all managed to grab ourselves a glass or two, before we began to speak to a few people , the first people I spoke to were the event organisers who remember me from the race a few years back. Then we were approached by Mel Smith the comediene, he was very pleasant and spent a few minutes with his wife talking to us. He was particularly interested in Tess’s necklace as his mother had lost a similar one. After that it was time to go into the main ballroom which was set out in a Hallowean theme for the night, we found our way to the table, opened our goody bags and studied the food and events menu, by which time Nas and the other three members of our table arrived.

Once we had settled down the entertainment began almost instantly followed by the food, unfortunately despite best intentions of taking my programme home I could not fit it into my small handbag and am therefore unable to tell you the full menu,I believe we started with a soup which was then followed by a pork dish, which caused a problem for Nas. I really cant remember the desert, but do know there were two bottles of red wine on the table and only Tess and I were drinking it.

As stated above not remembering my programme and writing this a few months after the event(and maybe the aforementioned red wine) I am unable to give you to many details of the evenings entertainment. I know Richard O’ Brien was as usual the

Compere for the night that I do remember. A number of celebrities had given items to the charity to be auctioned and after the meal was over the auction began, unfortunately my financies don’t stretch to taking part in auctions. After this there was a singer or two, I remember Deborah personally knowing one of the singers and she spent a bit of time with us after her routine. The Way out girls also did a few dance routines.Then there was some big band type Jazz numbers being played, to which we were up and dancing, after that the music changed to a more conventional disco and again we hit the dance floor, but must admit it is difficult to dance in a full length dress, and with those shoes still hurting. I had to then make the decision dance on with shoes hurting or take my shoes off and risk laddering my stockings. I opted for the painful shoes option. In between dances it was a quick return to the table to help drown the European red wine lake. At one point of the evening it was rumoured that Kylie Mongue had made an appearance, Tess went off with camera in hand, but was unable to confirm the exsistance of Kylie.

After a few turns around the dance floor and more than a few glasses of red wine, it was time to do something else, and after all going out to adjust our make up. We then went to check out that there were no shops about to buy a new dress, so it was time to do a trannies second favourite pastime, yep you got it taking pictures of each other, so we left the main hall and moved out to the more scenic parts of the hotel.

We found a part of the hotel which had some stairs and mirrors and a few ornaments about and we decided to take a few pictures there. We managed to get a few pictures taken outside, then Tess spotted Mel Smith again, and I had my picture taken with him, “Mel and Miss Smith” unfortunately the effects of drink was not kind to both of us, so the picture will not be appearing on the pages.

It was then time to return to the table to watch the final two acts which were a band followed by a disco which was performed by our friend Jasmine. It was then time to leave and get into our cars for the drive home, once again my shoes decided to start hurting again and this time I did take them off for the short walk back to the car.

Nas was going to take me home, however as she needed to get up early and therefore Terri dropped me back home thanks for that Hun.

We all hope the ball returns to Manchester again next year and we can continue to support this great event.