Great Boudoir Nights Out 13


Monday October 4th Rubberball

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After missing the Rubberball for the last few years, I did not think that I would ever attend again, but as this years event coincided with Meredith’s trip over from New York, and she wanted to see the London tv scene we decided that the Rubberball Ball would be an ideal place to take her and also it would give her the chance to meet the Boudettes she met in New York in April.

Meredith was a little unsure as to what to wear on the night and eventually chose a pair of pvc jeans, black playgirl T shirt and hat, I was a little more daring and wore a colourful corset, fishnets, black frilly knickers and boots, and to get over the problem of my lack of chest a feather boa was strategically placed. I topped the outfit off with long gloves and a diamente choker and bracelet.

As this is a popular event the new Boudoir was full to bursting and there was more rubber on display than at a Michelin factory, as well as the usual Boudettes there were a couple of new faces as well as a few of Nas’s friends including her flat mate and Gemma who owns the shop where I buy a few of my clothes. It was there first time out to an event like this and I think they were slightly nervous about what to expect.

As previous years the Rubberball was to be in held at Hammersmith Palais, and as usual we stopped off at the Philbeach Hotel on the way, now the Philbeach is not my favourite place due to the high amount of tranny chasers in there, and due to wearing a particularly revealing outfit, I knew I would be targetted. The bar there is very small and this particularly night it was already packed, so when 20 odd rubber glad gurls strolled into the bar an already packed situation became horrendous. Meredith was not particularly keen on it there either, so after eventually getting a drink we managed to find our way to a corner and chatted away with Sarah and Stacy, but all the time keeping our eyes open. After an hour it was time to move on and I almost escaped without my bum being grabbed.

We then reboarded the coach for the short trip to Hammersmith Palais, where as usual we walked straight to the front of the queue rather than queuing which was good as I did not have a lot by the way of warm clothes. As we entered a particularly abusive member of the staff spotted Meredith and told her that her playboy t shirt was not fetish enough and that she would not be allowed to enter the ball, Meredith asked what she could do and the only suggestion offered was that she went in without her t shirt on. After I argued with the woman for a while she eventually relented and decided Meredith could enter with her T shirt on.

We then entered and Meredith I think was initially shocked at the voumn of the music and also I think the guy being tortured just inside the door was also an eye opener, after picking home her jaw from the floor we then made our way to the Bar to grab ourselves a drink. After a drink or two we all split up into various size fgroups and went off to discover what was going on, I was with Meredith, Tess and Sarah and I think oir first port of call was the toilets to freshen the make up then off to grab another drink before walking around the upper levels of the club.

After we had finished checking out the club, it was time for the Fashion show to begin, as this years theme was medical there were a lot of Doctors and nurses on display. The show was really good this year and there were loads of outfits which were amazing and I could have seen myself in a few of them.

After the fashion show the music started pumping out and the dancing started, the only problem with the music played at the Ball is its very techno style and not my taste at all, but hey it was a night out and so we danced away until as usual our feet started hurting and we went off to sit down and grab ourselves a drink or two.

By 2am it was time to go home and we boarded the coach firstly two the Boudoir and then back home, I wonder if my neighbours saw two girls one wearing a playboy T shirt and one in a corset staggering into the flat at 4 in the morning.