Great Boudoir Nights Out 16


Gran Caneira 2 The Boudettes Return

After a two-year absence the Boudettes returned to the sunny paradise of Gran Caneira. The trip was originally proposed by the Uk Angels, and the Boudettes were a late additional at an alternative accommodation, however by the time departure date arrived all of the Angels had dropped out so the trip became a Boudoir only event. This years line up was Jodie, Maureen (Jodie’s Mum) Sashay Chantel, Rebecca David’s, Amber Paris, Tess Stevenson, Melanie Wexford, Sarah Campbell, Ashley ? , Sarah Gray, Stacey Collins and myself.

Monday 23rd May

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The Alarm went off at 3.30am, and through a wine induced haze I managed to roll over switch it on to snooze mode, ready for another day at work, when the alarm went the second time it struck me that it was not a work day this was a holiday and I was off to Gran Caneira. As there were a group of us Essex Boudettes we decided to go en masse from Rebecca’s house so at 5am in the morning I rolled up at her house and started to unload the cases, we were eventually joined by Jodie (only 10 minutes late) together with her mum and Miss Sashay Chantel. Eventually we managed to get all the cases and bags into the mini bus and set off around the M25, I’m not sure if our driver realised he left his curling tongs on, or he was wearing a diving boot, but it was the record run to Gatwick and we got there in under 45 minutes.

There was a massive queue of people attempting to check in when we arrived and we joined the back and edged forward slowly, after looking around we noticed a large percentage of the people in the queue were wearing bright red shirts and on closer inspection we saw they were Liverpool football shirts and we were in fact in the queue for the flight to Istanbul for the European Cup Final. We eventually made our way to the correct Queue and finally made our way to the front, the baggage allowance was only 20kgs per person and as you know Trannies don’t travel light I knew my case would be over 20kgs, but it topped the scales at 29kgs, however for some reason I was not charged for excess baggage, unlike Jodie who given a substantial charge.

We had about 45 minutes to wander around the shops at Gatwick and I managed to pick up a few paperbacks, and raided the Mac shop for a few last minute make up bits. Despite us all booking in at the same time we were allocated seats all over the plane, but as it was only a four-hour flight this was not to bad. I managed to read part of my book ate the breakfast provided and then slept for the rest of an uneventful flight. Upon arrival at Las Palmas airport we were unable to find the taxi that we had pre booked to take us to the hotel, however we soon managed to find a replacement which was able to take all seven of us and our luggage and went off to the hotel.
We tried to book the same hotel that we had stayed in our previous trip, but unfortunately sue to rebuilding work this was unavailable so an alternative was found. The new hotel was clean and tidy and our room was big with plenty of storage space, in addition the hotel was quite empty, which is a good thing with a bunch of TV’s wandering about. After unpacking our suitcases Rebecca and I were the first ones to sit around the pool and soak up the afternoon rays from the sun, before I became the first one in the group to venture into the swimming pool. The second group of Boudettes were on a later flight and after had been laying in the sun for about 2 hours they arrived, whereupon Miss Gray was the first of us to hit the hotel bar. One beer became two and two became three and after lying in the sun for a good four hours it became very difficult to get up and make our way to back to the room to get changed for Dinner, but somehow we all managed it.

After Dinner it was time to go exploring, we all promised ourselves a quiet night, but I seem to remember this promise being made on our last visit, we started off with a walk along the sea front and after posing for a few pictures we had worked up a thirst, and found a bar. The bar we chose turned out to be a German bar and ~I think they were a bit surprised by 12 English people arriving and ordering 10 lagers and a couple of Baileys, but it was trade for them. Amongst the group we decide that we would all put in 20 euros towards the drink and next question was who hold the money, we had no volunteers so a game of spoof was the most logical way of deciding.

Spoof is where everyone holds between 1 and 3 coins in there hand and everyone else has to guess the total number of coins, as there were so many of us the number was between 0- 36, if you got the exact number you were out of the competition and therefore free from holding the money for the night. After what seemed a lifetime I unfortunately was in the last two against Sara Campbell and after a draw first time, I somehow managed to win and therefore Sara was left in charge of the money for the night, and I believe she retained the job all week. We a few beers in the bar, but once the Come Dancing competition started we decided it was time to move to somewhere else.

The second bar was much noisier, the music was pumping away, and I think the dancing in this bar would have made Bruce Forsyth’s wig stand on end, I believe I was the only one to take a camera out on this night and it was duly passed around, I had the usual Miss Gray self portraits, but this time in guy mode, which is just as shocking. Gradually the group began to whittle down as few made the trek back to the hotel, it was then that Miss Gray did her bit for Anglo Swedish relationships and moved to a table to chat up not one but two Swedish girls. By the time the rest of us left the bar Miss Gray was in deep conversation and we left her to it, with Miss Campbell again proving inspirational and guiding us back to the hotel.

Tuesday 24th May

Day two dawned and Rebecca and I were the second group down for Breakfast, where we joined Jodie and Maureen, we filled Jodie in with the nights events. However a rumour persisted that Miss Gray was now living in Stockholm with her two Swedish girls, in addition Ashley a new comer to Boudettes culture was rumoured to be out walking around town before 10am!!!!! A never heard of event before. Once breakfast had been finished it was time to participate in some sunbathing and as we went around the pool another unheard of event none of the sun beds were taken and neither were their towels on them, we were able to chose where we wanted to sit in a group as big as we wanted and soak up the suns rays.

I’m never totally at ease lying in sun, I suffered a bit of sunstroke as a kid and have been very wary ever since. I am happy to sit there for an hour or so, but then I get bored and have to do something else. As the swimming pool was close by a couple of lengths of the pool appeared to be a logical thing to do, I am not the best of swimmers, but it is a nice way to relax and cool down and I was able to manage 10 lengths of the pool. After these lengths it was time to have a drink and sit and wait for everyone else to get up, by about 11.30 most of our group had appeared and by 11.45 even Miss Gray was out of bed. We quizzed her about the previous nights Swedish encounters, which she played down. After another dip in the pool and a bout of sunbathing it was getting on for 1pm so it was time to indulge in Lunch, we decided to try the hotel bar, the food was ok as long as you liked toasted sandwich’s and chips, so a mental note was made to go further a field in the next few days. For the next few hours we were content to either lay in the sun, or for the more adventurous a game of Table Tennis was available, must admit the standard was very poor with the ball only just getting over the net, but gradually the standard began to improve, the initial Champion turned out to be Miss Wexford, once the excitement of the table tennis was over it was time to participate in that marvellous Spanish tradition the Siesta and a couple of hours sleep was gained before dinner.

Once Dinner was over it was time to return to the room to get ready, luckily we had plenty of room and I was able to get ready in the bathroom and Rebecca in the other room, and we both had our mirrors. Prior to the trip I had visited Jodie for a make up refresher lesson, so was putting the new techniques into practice. I had also been growing my hair for almost a year now and this was going to be the first time that I had gone out without a wig, Jodie kindly agreed to style my hair and did a great job in first straightening it and then styling it.

Rebecca and I eventually got ready only 30 minutes later than the stipulated time, and made our way to the lifts, we were relived to meet anybody in the lifts as we descended down to the bar, where the drinks were waiting. The hotel entertainment for the night was a fashion show that we watched whilst knocking back a couple of double strength spirits from the bar. It was then time to move on to something a bit livier, and we headed into cabs to visit the Yumbo centre which is an area we spent a lot of time in during our last visit. We walked around the lower level before deciding to enter Labelle’s Show bar, which again we had visited a few times previously, the bar is basically a Drag Bar and it has a nightly show, which is initially amusing. When we arrived the nightly quiz was taking place, which we watched whilst having a few drinks, before eventually deciding it was time to move on. By this time a few were ready to return to the hotel, but the vast majority of us were only warming up and decided to move on to a club. Most of the clubs in the Yumbo centre are full of gay guys and we caused a few heads to turn when 10 trannies entered the place, initially nobody would come near us and a wide berth of space was created around us, but was we were near to the bar people had to walk by us to get a drink, and gradually a few of the guys began to speak to us. They were all pretty friendly and seemed interested as to what a group of trannies were doing out, and I spend a good half hour chatting to a couple from Ireland. It was very warm inside the club and it was also very small, which meant there was not much room for dancing, but this did not stop Miss Lynn strutting her stuff

Wednesday 25th May

Once again Rebecca and I managed to make it down for breakfast, but there was a heavy casualty list after the previous night and other than Jodie and Maureen nobody was spotted. As Rebecca was flying off to visit her property on one of the other Islands I joined Jodie and Maureen for a spot of early morning sunbathing, Jodie and I also went into the pool to our daily quota of lengths.
By about midday a few of the other members of our party began to arrive, just in time for a rifle shooting competition, in which Tess and Mel competed. Mel a former SAS sniper did well, but Lady Tess was handicapped as she was not shooting Grouse and did not have her faithful gun dog with her, all the shooting must have woke up the rest of the group as by 12.30 everybody including Miss Gray were sitting around the pool. It was then decided that we would wander down to the beach and have lunch down there.

It was a nice sunny day and we took our time wandering down to the beach and eventually stopped at a restaurant where we had eaten 2 years ago, we managed to get a table with all of us and I think pizza’s and salad’s were the orders of the day, expect Sashay who decided on a plate of Chips (just to see if Spanish chips were the same as English ones) Once lunch was over it was decided to spend a few hours on the beach, I had to wander off for a call of nature and Sara C came with me, unfortunately despite following the instructions given we were unable to find the rest of them on the beach so whilst the gurls lay out sunning themselves we decided to wander back to the hotel .

On the way back Sara and I found a crazy golf course close to our hotel and not being one to turn down a challenge we had our very own Ryder cup, the course was tough with water hazards and sand rather than the usual windmills. I made the best start and was 2 shots up after 3 holes, but Miss Campbell stormed with a brilliant hole in one to take the lead. It was then nip and tuck into about the 13th where I managed to get my head in front and held on until the finish, after this intense sporting struggle it was time to head back to the hotel for a siesta and then get ready for dinner and the evenings sporting struggle.

Most of us are big football fans and tonight was the Championships League cup final between Liverpool and AC Milan and Sara is a big Liverpool fan, so a hastily dinner was arranged and we just had time to organise a bet amongst ourselves for time of first goal. Whilst we were finishing our ice cream Sara had gotten herself prime spot near the hotels big screen. After only 1 minute Sara was distraught as the Italians took the lead, most of us were still eating and by the time we sat down it was 2-0, we tried to console Sara by telling her she had won 12 euros for the nearest time to the first goal, but when it became 3-0 she was ready to walk out. Half time was spent writing to post cards and singing things can only get better etc, the second half as you know was one of the biggest turn rounds in history and by the end all of us including Jodie and Maureen were watching the penalty shoot out.

The hotel entertainments officer had been trying to organise music quiz for the last hour and as the match went into extra time, and then penalties he asked us to participate, we agreed after seeing the presentation of the cup. The quiz involved guessing the various styles of music played by the hotel band and there were 10 rounds with a glass of champagne for each correct answer. I managed to get the correct answer for the first question by correctly guessing a Tango, subsequent winners were Sara, Tess and Jodie, we also let some of the other hotel guests win a round or two. The quiz ended by about 11.30 and by then we agreed it was not worth going out so decided to have a few games of pool and a few more beers in the hotel bar before going to bed at about 1am.

Thursday 26th May

The late night pool must have tired me out the night before as I struggled to make the 10am breakfast deadline, most of the others we already down at Breakfast and Jodie and Maureen and even gone off shopping. I only just arrived in time to down a few cups of coffee before the breakfast tables were cleared.
Instead of a day sunbathing it was suggested that we wandered down to the beach and have a walk along the sand dunes, five of us were up for this. The sand dunes are an amazing site and they stretch as far as the eye can see, we started walking through the dunes and you feel as if you are in the middle of the Sahara desert with the sun beating down on you and the sand roasting hot. We had to ensure we kept stopping for water breaks every 30 minutes or so. I walked for at least 1.5 hours before we eventually came to the sea, where it was a relief to take our shoes off and wander back along the sea front towards the restaurants. After walking for about 15 minutes we came to the nudist area part of the beach, Nudist areas are strange you know you should not stare but you just end up doing it, and is it that every nudist is about 70 years old.

After surviving the perils of the nudist beach it was time to have lunch and a few beers, it was fortunate that we had allowed plenty of time for lunch as I believe this was the slowest service I have ever encountered, however sitting in the sun drinking beer and waiting for food beats work any day. Once lunch was over it was time to walk back to the hotel and to participate in some sporting activities to burn off lunch. I started off with 14 lengths of the pool. Then we decided to have a relay race and Miss Campbell and I being the Essex water babes took on Tess and Mel, unfortunately Sara and I must have over done lunch as we soundly beaten. The second event was the underwater swimming and once again I failed to get on the medal rostrum, this I put down to my new longer hair weighing me down.

It was then time to have another siesta before getting ready for another girly night, once again Rebecca and I devised a system, which gave us both equal time in front of the mirror, and luckily it was quite cool again which helps with the applying of the make up. I also had Jodie helping me with my hair again and she did it in a slightly different style to Tuesday night. I think this time Rebecca and I beat our record and were only 15 mins late for the allotted meet up time at the bar, where once again we indulged in double in not triple strength shorts. At sometime during the day it had been agreed that everyone had to wear a denim item that evening or a fine would be imposed. Well the Boudettes are always up for a challenge and from memory there were 8 denim mini skirts and 2 pairs of jeans on show.

Once everyone had arrived at the hotel bar and had a drink or two, we got some taxi’s and headed off to the Yumbo Centre, for old times sake we decided to go to Labelle’s show bar to watch the drag show, some of the girls had not seen the show before but to be honest I did not think it had changed much from two years ago. At one point in the show one of the acts wanted a bit of audience participation and I was chosen to drink a glass of champagne, she then looked towards Sashay to drag her up on stage. Now I remember Ben Johnson’s start in the1988 Olympic 100m final, but Sashay was even faster than that, but fair play to the club performer she chased Sashay down the road, but was never going to catch her. Once Sashay returned normality retuned and we were able to watch the race of the show in peace.

After the show had ended about 12.30, it was time to move on to another bar, where once again we were the only TV’s on show, but yet again we were treated ok by the guys, they initially ignored us, but as the night went on a few on them, decided we were human enough to be spoken to. At around 1.30 it was again time to move on to another bar, but I was just to tired and got a cab back to the hotel leaving the girls to party on.

Friday 25th May

Once again it was split groups with a group of us hiring a car and another group going off to top up their tans on the beach, I don’t know a great deal of what happened at the beach I believe that most of the day was taken up by sunbathing, swimming and eating. Despite this lack of activity Miss Gray still managed to injure herself when she was savagely bitten by a rogue deck chair.
For the non-beach babes myself included we decided to hire a car, to drive into the mountains and see some of the countryside. I must admit I was unsure what to expect, as Gran Caneira is a volcanic island I thought most of the trip would be bleak treeless countryside. However once we got out of the town and into the mountain roads the scenery was superb and I was really surprised as to how green it was. The only problem was that we were driving up a very narrow road for the whole journey and whilst I had every confidence in Mels driving the overhangs off the cliffs at the side of the road was worrying, especially when you came to a blind bend and a lorry was coming down the other way towards you.

Mel successfully drove us to our intended first stopping point where we left the car and took to the footpaths to climb one of the highest points of the island, although the going was fairly easy it was very hot and we had to stop continually to take on water supplies. We climbed ever upwards for about 45 minutes before we eventually came to the summit and from the top there were spectacular views both out towards the ocean and also the mountainous interior.

We stayed on the summit for at least 40 minutes and various humorous pictures were taken, before we started the much easier descent back to the car and then onwards to lunch. At one point it looked as if we would not make lunch as the cars petrol gauge suddenly shot from ¼ full to the empty indicator flashing away, but somehow Mel managed to nurse the car to a nice little village where we firstly filled up the car followed by ourselves.

Lunch was very leisurely and I think we all had locally caught fish followed by a beer a two and even ice cream, before getting back into a blisteringly hot and taking a somewhat round about route to another of mountainous peaks, where once again we took time to take a few pictures of thee local scenery, before we decided to start heading back to the hotel. Now I was blissfully ignorant in the back with Tess and was therefore uninvolved in any of the navigating, but I believe there was a lack of communication between our driver and our navigator which resulted in us taking a wrong turning and extending our journey, by a good hour. I even nodded off in the back and when I awoke I was told to look out for anything that looked like the sea or an airport, I think the sea is a blue wavy thing and the airport probably had planes on it, so I knew what to look for. I don’t know how many nameless villages we passed before we eventually found ourselves back on the map and then proceeded on back to the hotel.

The initial plan had been for the night to be another dressed night, but all day in the car had tired me out and by the time we got back, I had decided to have a guy night, which everyone back at the hotel had decided on anyway, so when we got back it was time for a quick nap, dinner a few beers at the hotel bar and then wait for the hotel entertainment. I think the resident band (well duo) had worked us out by night and played songs for us every night whether we in girl or guy mode. So tonight we had a few tunes played and then the evenings entertainment was a Parrot show.

There were about a dozen Parrots of various sizes all of them jabbering away, before the show started the Trainer carried the parrots round and you could have a picture taken with one Parrott in your arms and one on your shoulder, but in my case on my head. My picture came out quite well and I have it at home, well it’s the only time I will pull two birds in one night. The show was the usual thing you have seen on telly with the Parrott’s doing various tricks such as riding a bike and roller-skating. The show lasted about 30 minutes, by which time everyone was getting tired. A few more drinks were had before an early night was called for at about midnight.

Saturday 26th May

In a drunken state a few days earlier I had agreed to go on a bike ride in the mountains, and come Saturday morning there was no getting out of it, I think it had been at least 8 years since I had been on a bike and I knew I was going to suffer, but like a condemned man I made my way to breakfast and met my fellow cyclists Mel, Ashley and Amber.
The remainder of the Boudettes were planning a day around the pool and as we set off to pick up our bikes I wondered if the pool was not the best option. It was only a 5-minute from the hotel to pick up our bikes and we were then taken up the same mountain roads as yesterday to our drop off point and our moment of truth. The guy that dropped us off gave us last minute instructions and then we set off, I had initial problems with the gears, but after a quick lesson from Mel I settled down ok. The roads were really clear and we hardly saw any traffic and I was lured into a false sense of security as the route was downhill and there was hardly any peddling needed and we just flew along down hill negotiating some tight hairpin bends along the way. We stopped occasionally to admire the views, take drinks of water and allow Amber to catch up, Amber was really struggling on the downhill stretches, but was to come into her own later on. After about 2 hours of down hill we hit the first of a series of climbs and I began to suffer, but luckily our planned lunch stop was only 15 minutes away and I was able to just about make it.

Lunch was at a very quiet little village and they were really friendly, they even let us try the special of the day before making our choices. Once lunch was over Mel showed us the map and I was shocked to see we had only completed about 1/3rd of our planned route and the even worse news for me was that most of the downhill sections were over, and the tough part was now beginning. I tried to delay the inevitable as long as possible but eventually it was time to remount the bike and set off again. For about 30 minutes we were still going downhill and I was fine, but then we levelled out and for the next two hours I was at the back of the group and really struggling, just to stay on the bike and to keep the others in view. I was really relived to finally see the coast road, which meant that we were close to home, but I then saw the huge hill we had to climb, I had to get off the bike and walk up the hill. Unfortunately this was the trend for the whole 15 kilometres back to our hotel, with easy down hill stretches and having to walk uphill, eventually after what seemed a lifetime we finally got back to the hotel and I was finally able to get off the bike and then dip into the pool to relieve my aching legs.

I think I just managed to get out of the pool and somehow walk, upstairs fall down on my bed and get 1 hours sleep before it was time for dinner and then time to get ready for our last girly night out. Rebecca was getting a make over from Jodie so I had the whole room and mirrors to myself. This was the first night that it was really hot inside the room and I had a lot of trouble with my foundation, having to reapply it so many times. Once again Jodie styled my hair for me, and she produced a third different style. As I walked out of Jodie’s room back towards my own in my heels and short skirt a couple were trying to get into their own room, they stopped me and asked me to explain how the key worked, which I did, but as I walked away I heard the woman whisper “that was a bloke”. Eventually we were already to go out, and we decided that we were going to try a different bar to begin with tonight rather than going straight to the Yumbo Centre.

The new bar was called the Detox bar and although it was on a main road and had loud music, it was clean and tidy and you were able to hear yourself talking and you were also able to get a seat, which is a relief after a few hours in heels. Inside the bar the owners were very friendly and even asked us to pose for a photograph, which he was going to display on his wall. After a few drinks in the Detox bar we walked to the Yumbo Centre, the walk gave us plenty of opportunities for pictures and Miss Gray was able to reproduce her famous cacti picture this time in the middle of a roundabout. Once in the Yumbo Centre we headed to Ricky’s where we had spent a few nights two years ago, it was very busy and we were unable to get seats to begin, so had to stand outside. Whilst we were standing a couple of the local gurls walked past and gave us a knowing nod (the tranny sisterhood).

We stayed for a drink or two at Ricky’s before we across to Heaven where we had guaranteed entry and seats in the VIP area. Inside Heaven it was really busy and this appeared to be the place where the locals came to dance the night away, initially we just made our way through the crowds to the bar grabbed a drink and watched the locals, we were then told about the VIP area upstairs which overlooked the main dance floor, but also had big seats. Once again we grabbed a drink and to begin with we were just sitting about talking, but gradually one or two of the group started to dance and in no time at all we were all dancing away. There were a few other groups upstairs and they came over to join us and we had our own private party going on in the VIP lounge, this was also a great area to take pictures and I think as this was the last dressed night everybody had there cameras out.

We eventually decided it was time to move on to another bar, before the night ended and whilst we queued outside saying our goodbyes to Ming who had got us entry to the VIP area, Miss Wexford was off chatting up two Brazilian transsexuals. We left Mel to her two Brazilian’s and moved into the final bar, which was very busy at this time of night, once again we were the only TV’s to be seen, come to think of it I don’t think there were any real girls in there either. We did our usual thing and immediately headed for the bar, where once again Smirnoff ice was the order of the day, by this time it was getting on for 3am in the morning and our group had whittled away slightly and those of us that were left only had the energy for drinking rather than dancing. Around 4.30 it was time to call it a night and we headed off to grab taxis back to the hotel, whilst Rebecca and I went to bed, there was a late night drinking group who sat up drinking vodka until the sun came up at about 7am.

Sunday 27th May

Not surprisingly there was not a rush to get up the next morning, our maid banged on the door at 9.15, had one look at us and went back out again, and I think Rebecca and I were one of the first ones up at 11.15. It was not a bad decision to sleep in as the day was really overcast and the sun could not break through the clouds. After a few headache pills I managed to get downstairs to the pool and sat down with my fellow early risers and nursed away a slight hangover, by about 1pm most of us had managed to get out of bed and we agreed to do that most typical of British things when abroad, yep go off for a full English breakfast.
I’m not a great one for the full breakfast, having a dislike for eggs, bacon and sausages, but I went along with the masses and indulged in beans on toast, Orange Juice and Coffee. I don’t think I have seen so much bacon and beans spread across a table in my life and I was just pleased we were sitting in an air conditioned restaurant, but the breakfast hit the spot and set us up for a full afternoon of sunbathing.

At the beginning of the week the standard of table tennis between us was pathetic, but as the week grew on the standard got gradually better and the competition more intense and Sunday afternoon was the height of the competition. Mel had shown early promise, but was pegged back by Miss Gray, but both were being beaten by Miss Smith’s one-shot defensive technique. As the afternoon and matches wore on the one short technique began to come undone and both Mel and Sarah gained there revenge and eventually it was decided is was a three way tie for table tennis player of the week. However there was still another game later in the evening, which could change the rankings.

After the all the excitement of the table tennis it was time to take it easy for an hour or to before dinner and chill out with a few beers. Once Dinner was over we again met at the bar and handed out the awards for the holiday, taste prevents me from going to the details as to why Rebecca was the main winner. We agreed to have a few more beers in the hotel bar before going outside for a last night drink. However before we went out the aforementioned table tennis match took place and an epic encounter it turned out to be between Miss Sashay Chantal who was handicapped by not knowing the rules and Miss Jodie Lynn whose handicap was three inch heels. After the rules were explained to both players the match commenced and Jodie took an early lead, Sashay only defence appeared to be to deliberately hit the ball back at Jodie, Gradually Sashay’s bodyline tactics and Jodie’s heels took their toll and Sashay eventually won a never to be forgotten match 21-18.

Once we recovered from watching the match it was time for us to leave the hotel and go and get one or two beers, a few of the group stayed behind, but most of us were up for a night out. Not far from the hotel we managed to find an Irish, which had karaoke going on which was dreadful, but the drinks were buy one get one free. After finishing our initial drinks, Miss Gray returned the bar and this time came back with Tequila and I dreadful memories of our last night two years ago, when we drank all sorts of weird and wonderful shots, but this time one round of Tequila was our limit. Rather than stand and listen to the Karaoke we made our way to the back of the bar where there were pool and bar football tables, and being guys a tournament was started. I cant remember who beat who, but know we were unable to finish as the pool tables were closed up at about 1am, so it was back to the drinking for a few more hours before the stagger back to the hotel. On the last trip there were some strange photos on the last night we get the tradition going this time by all posing by a bus stop and dropping our trousers.

Monday 28th May

The hangover was not too bad the next morning and after breakfast, I managed to start on the packing. After all the problems we had on the way out we were expecting more trouble on the way back so I chucked all non essential toiletries and stuff to try if possible to make my case a little lighter. Despite doing this and putting more clothing in my hand luggage it always appears a battle to get the suitcase closed.
We were leaving on different flights and had arranged with the hotel for taxis to take us to the airport the first group of us Rebecca, Ashley, Sara, Maureen, Jodie, Sashay and I left at about midday. I know we would be seeing our friends again in a week’s time, but its always-sad saying goodbye especially after such a great week.

The journey home was pretty uneventful and I think I finally got back to my flat about 9pm at night.

The two holidays that I have had in Gran Caneira are two of the best of my life, laughing, drinking and spending time with great people, thank you all and see you again next year.