Thank You Nas


I first met Nas about 7 years ago. I had been out a few times, but I was having trouble with my make up and overall look. I found her advert in the Way Out Guide and as she was quite local I gave her a call. I have not looked back since. I always remember my first visit to her. I took my best Anthea Turner Collection dress from a Catalogue with me and my hair was from that shop in Euston. Nas did the make up, I got dressed, and she took a few pictures and then hit me with how I looked. The verdict was the dress was ok, but my hair looked like the thing my mum had in the 50's. After spending 20 minutes with me crying, Nas cleaned my mascara and we arranged a shopping trip for the next few weeks to rectify the hair.

Since the first visit, we have gone on numerous shopping trips and make up lessons. Every time I feel like experimenting with something new, with my make up I will go to her first as I know I will get an honest view, and she will not let me buy anything without her approval. It is great to have someone of a similar age to go shopping with, and she is very patient as we wander around the shops looking for the perfect dress.

She is one of the most hard working and friendly people I know. Every person I know who meets her always speaks so highly of her. I visit her on a monthly basis and she is always so chatty and happy, any new clients would feel at ease with instantly. Vicky Lee from the Way Out club is one of her clients and you can't ask for higher praise than that.

The only downside of meeting Nas is that she has such expensive taste in clothes and that has rubbed off on me, with shopping trips now including going to Selfridges and any shop that sells designer brands.

She has recently started running as a way to keep fit, and has rapidly gained a turn of speed, which was in evidence during a recent shopping trip, where a girl giving away free chocolate samples along Oxford Street was hunted down ruthlessly.

I would like to think that if I gave it all up tomorrow we would still be good friends. Without doubt she has been the biggest influence on me, and I owe her so much.

Thanks Nas for everything




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