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1st May - 31st August 2007


Friday 1st June Nas Birthday

Nas had reached the grand old age of 40 on the 1st May, and after finally arranging her hectic work schedule she settled on a date and venue for her birthday party. All along Nas was going to have a themed night and she chose 1920’s as the theme.

I decided to hire a dress for the party and I eventually found a dress from a local shop, I decided I had sufficient other clothes to team up with the dress. Nas had invited a few of the other gurls along to the party but it appeared that most them were going to come along in guy mode so as I thought I  would be the only tv there I decided to go for broke and arranged for a make over from Pandora at Image works. On the day of the party I had a day off work and drove across to Buckhurst Hill to pick up my dress before across London to Pandora’s.

I was unsure as to how to have my hair done so we agreed that she would put some curlers in it and try and make it slightly big. Pandora did a great job with the make up and the hair also looked fab, I then drove back to the party. It was taking place at a local Golf Club, and as I drove into the Car Park, I remember thinking I bet the members aint seen anything like this before.

There were quite a few guests already there when I arrived, after greeting the birthday girl, I met up with Katrina and Tess. Nas then took us round to meet a few of her friends some of which I had met before, but not in girl mode. We talked about the usual things like where we got out dresses from, why we dress up, and various other questions.

Nas had arranged for a buffet and we were all very hungry by the time we sat done, we had our little tranny table and it was good to catch up with a few of the gurls such. The food was really good and the red wine with it helped it go down well, we then decided it was time to take some pictures and I think my camera must have done all the trannies from every angle before it was eventually passed back to me.

Once the food had been eaten and Nas had cut her cake it was time for some dancing, more drinking and more chatting. I managed to stay on the dance floor for about an hour before the heels finally defeated me, and it was then time to have one last drink before getting my taxi home.

Thursday 12th July: Shopping with Nas

I booked a few days off work to do a bit of DIY in my bathroom, but unfortuntaey for me but fortunate for Nicola the guy who was going to help me so the DIY was cancelled and after a day of boring guy shopping I arranged to go on a shopping trip with Nas.

I arranged to have my hair done at my usual salon in the morning, but as my usual stylist does not work on Thursdays I had a new girl style it and she did a great job in making it curly. I then drove across to Nas’s houses and she did my make up, as I was wearing a dress with a lot of blue in it, she put blue eye shadow on me which I was a bit unsure of, but it ended up looking great. Our next decision was where to go shopping, our original plan was to go into London, but as the wettest summer on record looked like bringing us another day of rain we opted for Bluewater with its undercover shops.

As we set off the clouds came over but , we managed to avoid the rain, but hit that other great british summer tradition, a traffic jam, which lasted about 8 miles. Whilst Nas spent the time we were in traffic jam catching up with friends on the phone, I was making sure I was not showing to much leg to the lorry drivers in the next lane.

We eventually got to Bluewater and after examining our shopping list we immediately went into M&S, where we both replenished our stocking  drawers(dam ladders), before I also purchased sun glasses and a top. I’m not sure if I have ever brought a top from M&S before. After M&S we took to the upper level shops on a search for shoes, I was not sure what I wanted, I’m not a big fan of sandals, but as it was summer Nas persuaded to look at open toed shoes and I eventually found a white pair which had a wedge heel.

It was then a make up search, I was just after an eye brow pencil and maybe be some eye shadow colours, we found the pencil, but could not find the eye shadows, and after walking a bit more round the lower level it was time to have lunch.  We chose an Italian restaurant which was not to busy, the waitress came to take our order gave me a double take and said to Nas “his hair looks lovely” I don’t know who was more pissed off me for the his reference or Nas because she had done my make up(but not the hair) which was not mentioned.

The food was quite nice in the restaurant and before Nas got started on the dessert menu we decided to head back home to avoid the rush hour traffic. As we made our way back through the car park, Nas ran ahead of me and took some pictures of me with my shopping bags.

Luckily the journey home was traffic free and we were home in about 30 minutes, I then reluctantly took off all my make up and drove home.

Saturday 28th July Cambridge

For sometime now a group of us have been talking about going to a Club in Cambridge, but as it only takes place on the last Saturday of the month its been really difficult getting our diaries sorted out. Eventually we found a date that we could all make and so booked up a hotel in the middle of Cambridge.

One of the girls that used to work with me now lives in Cambridge and when I mentioned that we would be visiting Cambridge she immediately said that she wanted to come out, it also happened that another girl who still works with me was also going to be in Cambridge this weekend and she wanted to come along also.

The journey to Cambridge is usually only an hour, but there was some worldwide scouting event so it took me double that, so I was a bit hot and bothered when I arrived, but we had plenty of time to grab something to eat before starting to get ready, I even had 45 minutes sleep. After getting up it was on with the make up and then the big decision what to wear, I had three outfits with me, and eventually went for jeans, I don’t like wearing jeans dressed, but they felt right on the night.

Once everybody was ready which for a change was only 30 minutes late we set off for the pub which the gurls had been to before, however it had changed hands since then, but it was still a gay pub, which was accepting of Trannies. It was quite empty when we first got there so we were able to find ourselves a table and commence the evenings drinking, which for me was red wine. After a few drinks and an hour or so of chatting, my two friends arrived, one of the girls had met us all dressed before, but for the other it was first time and she immediately asked everyone loads of questions.

About midnight we decided to drive on to the club which was about 2 minutes from our hotel which was handy for staggering back home later in the evening, the club is really hard to describe just like a great big student hang out, with a huge bar (but still delays getting served) and toilets that looked like school PE changing rooms. Other than that it was ok, I don’t think we were to concerned about the music, as drinking and talking took up most of our time.

I think we had  a few dances, but that was taking up to much drinking time, frequently I found myself standing alone with Mel as the smokers had to keep nipping outside to light up. Its great for clothes not smelling, but not good trying to carry out a conversation with a smoker is now quite difficult.  As the night went on more and more drinks were consumed until eventually about 4am we decided to call it a night and stagger back the 100yards to the hotel, where instead of going to bed we went to Sarah’s room and sat about for another hour talking, until eventually the girls lift arrived and I was finally able to go to bed about 5.30am.

I cant say I felt great the next morning, but at least all the traffic was gone and the journey going home as much quicker.

Thursday 23rd August  Miss Coco Peru

I have a long journey to and from work each day, and I usually sleep on the way home, but one night I actually read the free papers and noticed that Miss Coco Peru an American Drag Queen was doing a short tour in London.  I thought it might be interesting to see so ripped out the page and sent it to Nas.

She thought it was a great idea and contacted a few people so we had a small group who decided to attend on a Thursday night. I managed to get an afternoon off work and also managed to get a hair appointment so had my hair styled before going Nas’s for make up.

 Nas had three of us to get ready and once that was done she drove us into central London, the show was taking place in a small theatre on Dean Street and we knew of a restaurant which was only a few doors away which Nas had booked up. It had been a few years since I had been to the restaurant Steph’s but not much had changed still flamingos on the wall, still Spam on the menu. The food was pretty good I can’t remember my starter, but had swordfish as a main meal. Tess and Nas wanted a bread and butter pudding as a dessert but due to a mix up it was not ready in time so we agreed to return after the show.

The theatre was only about 100yards from the restaurant, but we were in the middle of the West End on a Thursday night, which is the new Friday and we had to walk past two busy pubs, with people outside. I concentrated on my best ladylike walk and managed to get to the theatre without falling over or doing anything else embarrassing. The theatre was quite small and we had seats towards the back, but still had a fairly good view, well my eyes aint to good so I could just about see someone on stage, lucky it was not a visual show.
Miss Peru was a bit like Joan Rivers she came on stage and just launched into this routine which she kept going for more than an hour, I thought it was pretty good, but I have seen and heard funnier things in the past. It appeared to be very much aimed at a gay audience and I suppose as Trannies we are put into that bracket, I just felt there were some very good elements, but a lot of the material was a bit dated.(and she had terrible shoes on which all of us noticed)

We were a bit late leaving the theatre due to Nas topping up everyone’s make up and by then everybody else had left, which meant that as we walked out of the front Miss Peru was out front. Tess and I never saw her, but Nas and the others spotted her and went over to chat to her and had their picture taken.

It was then back to the restaurant where Tess and Nas indulged in a bread and butter pudding between them, it was a huge thing and definitely a two girl job. I was not up to it so just stuck with a cup of coffee. After watching the two of them devour the pudding it was then time to head back to where Nas had parked the car which was a 10 minute walk through China town, another chance to break in a pair of shoes which by now were beginning to hurt a bit.

Once back in the car it was a quick drive back (as always is when Nas is driving) to Essex , where I switched to my car before driving home.