Great Boudoir Nights Out 11


Transfandango 2003

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Last years event was one of the highlights of not only the year, but also one of the best tranny nights ever and everyone was eagerly looking forward to this year’s event and I pleased to say it did not let us down.

The day started early for me on Friday morning when I drove round to pick up Nas, as usual with her she was not ready and we therefore were almost 30 minutes late in picking up the mini bus. The mini bus was our first minor crisis of the weekend, the bus seated 11, but we had 11 passengers plus luggage (trannies don’t travel light) and I ended up travelling the first 2 hours of the journey cramped into a small gap in the bus where my legs gradually lost all feeling. Luckily for me we picked up another car at Kettering and I was able to stretch out for the rest of the journey during which we drove through the Dales, never having been that way before I was very impressed by the scenery.

We finally arrived in Manchester at about 4.30 and our second mini crisis, the hotel informed us they had no rooms booked for us, which cane as a shock to Jodie as she booked them months ago, after a good hour of arguing (remember this is the same hotel where we got stuck in the lift last year) we were eventually all allocated rooms and luckily for Rebecca and I we were only 5 doors away from Jodie which meant we did not have to walk through the reception area half made up like last year.

A meal had been booked at a nearby restaurant for the evening and as we had lost a few hours in traffic and finding rooms, we did not have a great deal of time to get ready. Rebecca and I had roomed together in Gran Caneira and we soon got back into a routine of sharing mirrors and telling each other we looked great. We were eventually only 15 minutes late for the agreed meeting time and we then walked to the restaurant. I was only wearing a short denim skirt and bustier, so was pleased it was only a 5 minute walk to Via Fossa on canal street, it was really busy, but as we had reservations we went straight in for our meal.

The meal was quite good, but as usual there were less red than white wine drinkers, and I reluctantly (yeah right) kept filing my glass, which was to have a dramatic effect next morning. After the meal and standard round of photos, a few gurls went onto the dance floor, whilst others who shall remain nameless tried to drink the European red wine lake, before we walked back to the hotel, which was still lively so we ordered a few more rounds of drinks and eventually went off to bed at 2-2.30am.

I woke up next morning and immediately realised I was suffering from the after effects of to alcohol the night before. I put on a brave face whilst Rebecca went for breakfast, but then staggered into the shower where I sat for 20 minutes, unfortunately this did not do the trick and for the next 2 hours I was unable to move more than 20 yards from a bathroom. As my make up appointment was in less than 1.5 hours I gambled on a short walk to the nearest supermarket got a bottle of water and then took two immodium tablets which settled my stomach just in time.

I was about the 4th or 5th to be made up out of over 20, and out this point Jodie and Nas were ahead of schedule. Upon sitting in the make up chair, Nas commenced on my nails, whilst Jodie started on my face. The smooth oiled Boudoir machine was in full flow and in no time at all my make up was complete, in the usual stunning way. Jodie had hired a new member of our team to do our hair, a guy called Gordon and I amazed to see my wig in heated rollers and being blow dried whilst I was being made over. Gordon then proceeded to style my wig and with the help of numerous clips and slides I was ready. I now had 5 hours to kill prior to the pre meal drinks, so with my face and hair looking stunning and guy mode clothes on I walked back to my room to watch two ‘epic’ films on BBC2.

Rebecca returned to the room about an hour later and we spent the next few hours watching the football results, making cups of take and taking the odd nap, being extremely careful not to smudge our make up or dislodge any of the clips in my hair. Eventually it was time to get ready, and I was careful again to make sure nothing was smudged. It is also an achievement if I manage to get dressed without laddering a stocking especially as I forgot to bring a spare pair with me. I then slipped into my new dress and hit a problem with my zip and had to ask Rebecca to help. After a few curses and expletives she eventually managed to zip me up and after picking up our bags and taking a few pictures we were ready to hit the champagne reception.

We picked up Sarah and Mel on the way and moved to the bar area where the gurls hit the champagne, as I was still feeling fragile from the night before I abstained from the early alcohol exchanges. At about 8pm we were asked to sit down for dinner, unfortunately a few gurls had been late turning up for their makeovers and therefore Jodie, Nas and Tracie were still getting ready and only arrived about 8.45 therefore missing the first course.

The food was not quite as good as last year, but was still nice, from what I remember the starter was fruit salad, followed by chicken and three small tartlets. I was finally feeling a bit better by now and was able to have a few glasses of red wine. After the meal there was a game of heads and tails where everyone had to guess heads or tails on successive flips of a coin. In a room of over 300 people Rebecca managed to get through to the last 8. Next up was an auction compared by Richard O’ Brien in order.

to raise money for the Wallness Children’s Society, it was great to see so much money raised for a worthy cause and Tess and Sarah Successfully bided for some Eddie Izzard memorabilia.

The next item was a performance by the Way Out Girls, then a small break in the itinerary, in which we took the chance to take an endless amount of pictures. As there were almost 20 of us and all the gurls wanted pictures with each other as well as Jodie, Nas and Tracie, it took almost 30 minutes for all the pictures to be taken. We were also asked to pose for various other pictures for other guests.

After the short break the entertainment was back in full swing with a live band that were performing cover numbers of various 70s and 80s groups including the Bay City Rollers and Alvin Stardust, after some initial hesitation the dance floor gradually got filled and for the next hour despite aching feet we danced away. Once the band ended there was a small break before a disco started, where after a short stop to top up our drinks we returned to the dance floor where we remained until 2am. The last song played by the DJ was ‘ Around the Old Camp Fire’ and this was a song we had got used to in Gran Caneira and we were therefore able to sing along and do all the actions.

It was then time to return to the bar for a few drinks before bed, by this time I was feeling considerably better and was able to indulge in a few Drambuies before eventually going to bed at about 3.30am. A few gurls remained at the bar and I believe the last ones went to bed at about 5am.

I managed to get up for breakfast on time the next morning and when I saw my dress was hung up and my jewellery and underwear were put away tidily, that there would be no hang over this morning. I don’t know if the hotel had a shortage of staff this particularly morning as there was a huge queue for friend breakfasts and even for me who does not eat fried food, I could not find coffee or bread anywhere. Eventually breakfast was served after a long wait and we then boarded the mini bus for the journey home, not before a quick trip to sainsburys for provisions. Luckily a few more gurls had driven up on their own and we were therefore able to spread out a bit on the way home, after dropping Nas off I finally got home about 6.30 pm.

It was another great Boudoir weekend, thanks to Jodie, Nas, Tracie and Mike, cant wait to do it all again next year.