Thank You Pandora


I first met Pandora when I did my first photo shoot at the Boudoir. From what I remember, I was on time for my appointment, but Pandora and Jodie were late after returning from a night out in Brighton. When they arrived, Pandora came straight over to me, very business-like. "Right sit down there, don't move" She said, and I did not know what was happening. 30 seconds later, after she told her first dirty story, I was completely relaxed with her.

Despite my attempts to trip her up with my cowboy boots, Pandora got on with a fantastic job. I have no idea how she applied the make up as I was not able to look in a mirror, and all I saw was a blur of brushes in front of me. After about 30 minutes she was finished, and after styling my hair I was at last able to see the results, which were absolutely amazing.

When the time came for the actual photos, Pandora came into her element. While Jodie positioned me, Pandora was doing her best to get me to smile and laugh. She achieved this by making faces and telling more jokes and stories.

Pandora also did my make up for my second Boudoir photo shoot, in which she excelled herself by producing an ever better look than the first shoot, and once again she managed to make me laugh in some of the photos.

She is a genius at make up, but I think she comes into her element with hair styling; the changes she made to my hair in the photo shoots were brilliant, and when I sent my hair to her to be restyled I could not believe it was a wig that was returned.

Unfortunately I do not get see Pandora that often, but when I see her it is always a night to remember. She remains a good friend and a make up genius. Follow the link below to arrange a make over yourself.

Thanks Pan