Thank You Alison


Alison is one of my best friends, and she is the only one mentioned here who does not work directly with TVs. I worked with her for about 2 years and she helped me design my first website, during lunchtimes at work. I was designing a second site, I put all her tips into practice.

Soon afterwards, at a drink after work I told her about the existence of Nicola. Having not told anybody before, I was unsure how she would react. I was concerned, as I had become very close to her and did not want to lose her as a friend. Alison's reaction was brilliant. I don't think she spilled a drop of her drink and expressed an immediate interest in helping me with clothes and make up. That night, after staggering home, I sent her an email showing a few pictures and again her response was really great.

Unfortunately we both went our separate ways at work, but I continue to speak to her on a weekly basis and we email each other every few days.

Since I told her of Nicola's existence we have had long discussions (and I sometimes get a word in) whenever either of us buys new clothes. Alison recently returned from a shopping trip in America and went on for 45 minutes without pause describing the clothes she bought. We have also been out shopping together on several occasions and it's great to have another view on potential purchases. I have purchased a red dress and another top whilst shopping with her, which I would never have seen myself, and unlike Nas, Alison knows where to get the bargains.

At work, Alison is a superstar, and works really hard at her job, but she always has the time to take my phone calls. She will go a long way in her chosen career, and has promised me that once she has her own office she will employ me as her secretary. We are still having disagreements about the length of my skirts though. I think she is jealous because I have better legs than her!

Alison remains one of my best friends and she always makes laugh whenever I speak to her or when we meet up. If only she replied to my emails and turned up on time she would make me a great husband.

Thanks Sugar Plum