Great Boudoir Nights Out 7


Rubberball 2002 Monday 7th October

This was a charity event held in Manchester. For a full report, check out my Boudoir nights pages, but there were so many great photos taken, I decided to post some here.

The year appears to have flown by since last years ball, but since Ascot, thoughts have been geared as to what to wear to this year’s event. I fancied a different look this year, but with a continuation on the uniform theme. As usual, Jodie, Nas and Tracie at the Boudoir provided Make Overs, Nails and alcohol, also as with tradition I was the first person to be made over for the night.

As the Boudoir was so full, and as we were going to be putting on rubber, we decided to leave it as late as possible before getting ready. I had purchased a pink nurses outfit, but when I put it on it was indecently short, so luckily I had mentioned this to Jodie previously and she had a white pvc nurses outfit in the Boudoir wardrobe which she lent me for the night, which I teamed up with white shoes and white hold ups.



Eventually, we were all ready, and we boarded the coach for the journey to the Philbeach hote,l where we had our own champagne reception. As no cameras are allowed at the ball, a picture frenzy took place at the Philbeach, and I think it took me about an hour after leaving for my eyes to adjust to all the camera flashes.



As a few of us had been to the ball last year, we were did stand about open mouthed gawping at the sights. As we stepped through the door this year, we just gradually made our way to the bar. After getting our drinks, we stood there getting our bearings when I felt hands on my bum. I thought it was one of my group having a laugh, but gradually these hands went further North and I turned around to see a guy I had never met before grinning at me. He told me I had a nice bum, which I suppose is a compliment.

After this, we made our way around the hall, and found a place just in time to watch the first show on the main stage, which was pretty spectacular and involved many of the famous rubber designer houses flaunting their wares. Afterwards, we made our way to the bar to just stand and stare at the various people walking by. One of our group obviously did more than just stare at people because at the end of the night her lipstick was smudged all over her face, but we wont mention names here will we Miss Snogger?

Eventually, despite the pain in my feet caused by the new shoes, I hit the dance floor with Savannah and Mel, and I think we stayed there for about 45 minutes. (I’m sure it was the same song the whole time, or is that me getting old). The problem with dancing so long was that we missed the closing of the bar and had to drink water before going home.

Most people were fairly quiet on the way home, although there are always exceptions. Jaynie springs to mind. We got back to the Boudoir at around 4.30am, where I did a quick change before driving Nas home. I was tempted to leave the uniform whilst driving home in case we hit any accidents.

As we had all booked the day off work the next day we all met up for lunch and relived the night again.