Great Boudoir Nights Out 10


Gran Caneria - May 19th to 26th

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Well, this was it. Both the Boudoir and Nicola’s most ambitious trip yet, a week in Gran Caneira in the resort of Plays De Inglis.13 of us were setting out on this journey: 4 real girls (Jodie, Nas, Maureen (Jodie’s mum) and Jacquie (Davina’s wife) and 9 TVs (Tess, Jaynie, Zoe, Rebecca, Sarah, Amanda, Davina, Beth and myself)

Monday 19th May

A long story, which I won’t go into here, but our group, was flying on three separate flights. Rebecca picked me up at 5am to make the trip to Gatwick airport. Surprisingly the M25 was clear and we got to the airport in less than an hour. We registered our luggage and sat down to relax ready for the flight. Rebecca then received a phone call from Nas who was on a flight an hour before us, advising she was still stuck on the motorway and may not make her flight. Eventually she just got there in time and as she ins BA crew was rushed through the check-in. Our flight was uneventful, but when we arrived at Las Palmas airport there was a message from Nas saying she was stuck at the airport and her case had been lost. After a few frantic phone calls to the Auk her case was finally located and she was told her case would arrive that night (which it did). We had just settled into our room and got our first beer at the bar when Jodie and the remaining gurls arrived. After a few leisurely beers and a nap in the sun, it was time to get ready for dinner.

After dinner, rather than wander too far, we decided to see what entertainment the hotel offered, since - as if knowing we had arrived - the show that night was a Drag Show!

We had a reasonable view of the show and the performers put on a great performance. After the show we made our way to the Disco, where after a few frames of pool, during which Sarah somehow won 7 matches on the trot, we then hit the bar and the dance floor. Despite a long day of travelling we danced away until about 2.30 in the morning before it was time to hit the sack.

Tuesday 20th May

I was up bright and early next morning and went for a 20 minute run, but unfortunately I got lost and 20 minutes ended up being 45 minutes. However I did get back just in time to see Jaynie and Sarah just going off to bed from the night before. After breakfast we spent what was to be the first of many days laying around the swimming pool, just relaxing and soaking up the sun, with an occasional dip into the swimming pool to cool us down. After lunch and a tough few hours around the pool, we set off on a walk to try and find the bar we were intending to visit that night. Following Tess’s directions we successfully managed the task and reported back to the remaining gurls ready for the night’s outing.

I think we were all slightly nervous about going out, and Jaynie was only able to have two beers and three servings of fish fingers and chips at dinner, before we all went off to get ready. It was a bit strange getting ready with Rebecca in the same room, and mirror space was strictly rotated (a tip for the future in hot climates: put your make up in the fridge when you first arrive. It saves your lip pencils from melting. Eventually, both Rebecca and I were ready and we stepped out and prayed we met nobody in the lifts, which we achieved. Once outside we got into some taxis and were driven to the bar.

I think we were all slightly nervous about going out, and Jaynie was only able to have two beers and three servings of fish fingers and chips at dinner, before we all went off to get ready. It was a bit strange getting ready with Rebecca in the same room, and mirror space was strictly rotated (a tip for the future in hot climates: put your make up in the fridge when you first arrive. It saves your lip pencils from melting. Eventually, both Rebecca and I were ready and we stepped out and prayed we met nobody in the lifts, which we achieved. Once outside we got into some taxis and were driven to the bar.

The bar was the Labelle Show, which had been recommended to us. When we arrived it, was quite empty and we were able to sit near the front, where a quiz was taking place. As the questions were read out you had to run up on stage, call out the answer and if correct you received a trinket. Pooling the vast Boudettes knowledge, together we managed to win first prize, which regrettably was only a bottle of Smirnoff ice. The show was about 45 minutes long. To begin with, the main star walked out into the audience and spoke to people, and as we were at the front a few of us thought we would be targeted. Fortunately we were left alone, all except for Sarah, who was in male mode and Jodie and Nas. After that, the show consisted of three Drag Queens miming along to various numbers and it was quite funny. After the show, various audience members were called upon stage to help in dance routines, until eventually we were called up to dance along to YMCA.

Wednesday 21st May

Once again the madness struck and I was out running before breakfast. This time I managed to find my way home after running to the beach. The rest of the morning was taken up with sunbathing before a suggestion was made to walk to the beach for lunch. It was the hottest day so far and 38 degrees was the temperature at the sea front. We had lunch overlooking the sea. after which Jodie and Nas power walked home and we decided to play football and swim in the sea.

Well it has been a few years since I have been in goal and it took a while for the old magic to come back, but after a few minutes, I was diving about and stopping shots from Jaynie, Sarah, Rebecca and Amanda while Tess sat there and watched. After about 5 minutes of frantic action we were all tired out and sat down to do the match analysis before walking home.

The evening was again a girly night and this time I managed to get made up a bit quicker. We again returned to La Belle, but left before the show and moved on to Terry’s bar, which was a little disappointing. We were the only people in the bar so we returned to the hotel disco at about 2am. The disco was once again sparsely populated, and 10 TVs walking in drove the rest of the people out. Unperturbed, we pestered the DJ to keep playing until 3am in the morning before we went to the piano bar where Jaynie treated us to her one and only song and we sat about talking until 4am.

Thursday 22nd May

I again managed a run early in the morning, but the effort of getting up at 8am each day was getting to me (I must be getting old). Having a lie-in and waiting for breakfast was getting more tempting each day. Again after breakfast we contented ourselves with lying around the pool until lunchtime, and it was interesting to see which of the gurls was the latest down each morning. The undisputed Queen of the lie-in was Sarah, who on this particular day made her first appearance at 12.10.

After lunch Jaynie and I decided to test our competitive edge with a game of table tennis. It’s been a few years since I played, but after a while the touch was coming back. Unfortunately, Jaynie used her age and experience to better effect and I eventually crashed to a 3 - 0 defeat. In my defence, all the games were close. In the heat of the afternoon, three games of table tennis was tough, so it was then back to the sun bed for a few hours to prepare for the night, which on this occasion was a guy night out.

On this night, England were playing South Africa at football, and myself, Jaynie, Sarah and Zoe went out early to watch the game, which turned out to be awful so we left at half time to grab a bite to eat. After dinner we moved on to meet with Nas and Jodie and the rest of the gurls, again at Labelle’s. After a few drinks Nas and Jodie went off for a quick play on the swings in the middle of the Yumbo centre, then after that we had a slow walk back to the hotel where we had one or two more drinks before going to bed.

Friday 23rd May

Well after a few heavy nights out, I succumbed to a lay in bed rather than a run this morning and just about made the 10 am breakfast deadline. My roomy Rebecca had arranged a business trip today, so I was left on my own to soak up the sunrays around the pool with the other early risers. By the time lunchtime came (and Sarah had got up) I was ready to go on a shopping trip with Jaynie and Zoe. I did not need to buy a great deal, just a few small gifts for friends, but it was nice to have a walk in the sun.

Jodie and Nas had planned an early morning shopping trip next morning, so they decided on an early night at the hotel and sent us gurls out on our own. We again started the night and Labelle’s, but having seen the show a few times now we were looking for a new venue, and we stumbled across Ricky’s bar, which was a similar set up to Labelle’s but the hostess was a lot friendlier and made a point of coming over and sitting was us for a few minutes. We stayed here until about 1.30 in the morning and were then going to move on to a club recommended by Jodie’s friend. After muscling our way through a huge crowd of gay guys to reach the club we were shocked to discover it did not open to 2am, so we made a quick about turn and headed back to the hotel.

Saturday 24th May

Jodie and Nas woke up early to go on a shopping trip, and we early risers were left to look after Jodie’s mum Maureen or was it Maureen looking after us. Unfortunately another late night affected Sarah again and she set her 3rd sleep-in record of the week by appearing for lunch at about 12.30. After lunch she teamed up with Tess and challenged Jaynie and myself to a table tennis doubles match. I would like to say it was close, but Jaynie and I had a comprehensive 3 matches to 1 victory.

The evening was the last night out in girly mode and we hoped to have a good night, unfortunately we did not have a great start due to someone at the hotel being abusive to us, but we just laughed this off. We then returned to Ricky’s bar where once again we received a friendly welcome and we sat down to watch the show, which was a bit late starting as the Eurovision song contest was being shown. When the show began it was the usual mix of people getting up on stage and the regular performers. We remained at Ricky’s until about 1.30am, but as we got up to leave we were asked to pose for a photo. All of a sudden we were surrounded by cameras and we must have stood for 10 minutes posing for group pictures. We finally managed to escape back to the hotel to hit the disco, but when we got there it was completely empty so we had a few drinks before retiring for the night.

Sunday 25th May

Well the dreaded last full day finally arrived and it was time for last minute shopping and soaking up the last rays of the sun. Sarah however had other ideas and set a new Boudoir All-Comers record for not getting out of bed and only surfaced at 1.15 pm, just in time for lunch and a beer. After a hectic afternoon of sunbathing it was time to get ready for the last night and it was agreed that we would take it easy and only have one or two drinks (famous last words).

We started off with a few photos being taken outside the hotel, which produced some great pictures, but as these are in male mode it is unfair to post them on this site. The girls decided to have a quiet night with a bit of shopping and a drink or two, and we set off to find a local Irish bar to down a few pints of the black stuff. After one or two it was suggested that we go to Ricky’s to say goodbye. Jackie and Davina passed on this, but the rest of us went on.

It took a while for us to be recognised in Ricky’s, but we soon had our regular spot and proceeded to down a few more drinks and sing along to the show. As the evening wore on, somebody suggested a round of shots, which was quickly followed by a free one from the bar owner, which went straight to my head.

All too soon it was time to go home, but somehow Rebecca, Jaynie and myself got cut off from the rest of the group. This resulted in a perfect opportunity for drunken pictures to be taken and I have some terrible pictures of the three of us posing in just our underwear on cars (if you are the owner of a yellow SEAT in Gran Caneira, please accept my apologies). We eventually got back to the hotel at 2am, and had a last beer in the disco before going to bed.

Monday 26th May

The final day dawned with a slight hangover, but this was soon cured with numerous cups of black coffee and the sobering thought of re-packing my case. Once again we were departing at three different times and first to leave was Nas (no lost luggage this time), followed by Rebecca and I, and then lastly Jodie and the remaining gurls. Rebecca and I had a transfer to the airport and our flight was about 2 hours prior to Jodie’s group. Unfortunately a flight was delayed and we ended up meeting up with the others again before boarding.

The flight home was uneventful and I slept most of the way. I finally got back home about 10pm and was soon in bed, reliving all the great memories and looking forward to next year's trip.