Thank You Peter


Peter is the technical brains behind my website, which means he puts up with my girly tantrums and makes sense of all my crazy ideas.

From what I remember, Peter first contacted me and asked me about a link from my previous site to a site he had already designed for another TV. After the link was done, we spoke about making improvements to my site, and soon after he took over all the updates.

Although we have never met, we spoke on the phone once, and he usually understands what I want done on the site. The changes are done very quickly. Occasionally Peter tries to confuse this poor Essex Girl with lots of technical stuff which makes no sense to me at all, but somehow we have managed to get by so far.

Peter works hard at keeping both my site and quite a few other TV related sites regularly updated and I owe him a big thank you for all the work he has done.

If you want Peter to help you create or improve your site, please visit his web site by clicking on the link below.