Nas's Birthday!


Friday 1st June

My good friend Nas reached the grand old age of 40 on the 1st May, and after finally arranging her hectic work schedule she settled on a date and venue for her birthday party which was fairly local for me.

All along Nas was going to have a themed night and almost a year before the theme was pimps and tarts. At xmas the pimps and tarts theme was still on and I even got myself a cheap outfit on ebay. However about 2 months before the party the theme was changed to general fancy dress which was fine I was going to wear the same outfit, however 2 months before the theme was changed again to 1960s, but before I could even think about an outfit for the 1960s it was changed again to 1920’s.

I did not think that I would wear a 1920’s outfit again so decided to hire one instead of buying something, it was quite difficult to find somewhere that had a decent selection of dresses, but I eventually found a dress from a local shop, and decided I had sufficient other clothes to team up with the dress. Nas had invited a few of the other gurls along to the party but it appeared that most them were going to come along in guy mode so as I thought I  would be the only tv there I decided to go for broke and arranged for a make over from Pandora at Image works.

I had already booked the day off work as I expected it to be a long night and was therefore able to have a good sleep in on the day of the party and then take my time getting everything ready, before driving across to Buckhurst Hill to pick up my dress before going the 6 miles across London to Pandora’s. Never having been to Pandora’s I allowed myself plenty of time and only got lost once getting there.

When I arrived she had other clients, so I sat about talking with Pandora about old times before she finally had a free space to do my make up and hair. I was unsure as to how to have my hair done so we agreed that she would put some curlers in it and try and make it slightly big. Pandora did a great job with the make up and the hair also looked fab, I then put on my dress and seamed stockings and was ready to drive back to the party. It was taking place at a local Golf Club, and as I drove into the Car Park, I remember thinking I bet the members aint seen anything like this before, luckily there were only two of them sitting outside as I walked in, I think they both gave me a second glance, probably a third and fourth.

There were quite a few guests already there when I arrived , after greeting the birthday girl, I met up with Katrina and Tess, who were surprisingly not yet propping up the bar, but they did have a glass of champagne in hand. It had been a while since I had seen Katrina so it was good to catch up with her, Nas then took us round to meet a few of her friends some of which I had met before, but not in girl mode. We talked about the usual things like where we got out dresses from, why we dress up, and various other questions all the people there were great even some of the guys appeared fascinated by us.


It was quite hot inside the bar area and as Tess is a smoker anyway we kept making frequent trips outside, during one of these trips outside I got into a long conversation with one of Nas’s friends and her husband. All three of us used or currently worked in the same industry and we all knew a couple of people which was quite strange.

Nas had arranged for a buffet and we were all very hungry by the time we sat done, we had our little tranny table and it was good to catch up with a few of the gurls such as Terri who had only just arrived. The food was really good and the red wine with it helped it go down well, we then decided it was time to take some pictures and I think my camera must have done all the trannies from every angle before it was eventually passed back to me.


Once the food had been eaten and Nas had cut her cake it was time for some dancing, more drinking and more chatting. At one point I was in the ladies re touching up my make up and we spent a good twenty minutes in there talking about Nas’s old boyfriends and the clothes she used to wear, plenty of potential blackmail bits were picked up.

After mentally noting all the gossip I had just heard I went back outside to join in the dancing which was now taking place, I managed to stay on the dance floor for about an hour before the heels finally defeated me, and it was then time to have one last drink before getting my taxi home.