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If anybody still reads my site you will know that post Christmas I usually have time away from the dresses and grow a beard, try to get fit etc. This year was slightly different as our Christmas party which was scheduled for mid December had to be cancelled because of heavy snow.

22nd January 2011

Legally Blonde and the Trios Garcons

As Nas’s Xmas party was postponed due to snow, we decided to try and organise an event in January, after all I had a whole new outfit to wear. After a few discussions it was agreed that we were going to the West End to see a show, I don’t really get that excited about shows, but I had seen legally blonde on the television so decided to go along.

As usual I managed to get an appointment at the hairdressers and had my hair blow dried and styled before going off to Nas’s for my makeup. As everything that I was wearing apart from my tights was mauve, Nas decided that some mauve on my eyes and a mauve lipstick was probably a good idea. I had wanted to try and get a flower to wear in my hair which again was mauve, but decided it was probably a bit too much so left it behind.

Nas had persuaded Tess, Susan and Terri to come along and Meredith had also joined us. We managed to get into two cars and headed towards the theatre actually on time!!! The next major mission was trying to find somewhere to park, but luckily we found two parking spaces behind the strand which were within walking distance of the theatre. It was a pretty cold day and I only had a shoulder wrap over my dress so was trying to walk as quick as possible, but in a ladylike manner to the theatre, unfortunately the route involved cobbles and a steep uphill section so I’m not sure I succeeded.

Upon arriving at the theatre we had to stand in the foyer waiting to go in, as we were seeing the matinee performance, there were quite a few people also waiting and more than one or two curious glances went in our direction. Eventually we were ready to go in and we had really good seats in the theatre. The show was very much as I remember the film, I’m not really a big theatre goer, but must admit I really enjoyed this show. I really should remember to take my glasses along so I can see everything.

After the show we had arranged to go and eat in a restaurant called the Trois Garcons which was in the Liverpool Street/Aldgate area, so it was back in the cars and across London again. Once again we were able to find a parking space which entailed only a short walk to the restaurant. We were actually early and the restaurant and had not even opened, so we popped into a little cinema across the road which had its own bar, and had a drink there whilst waiting for the restaurant to open.

Twenty minutes later we were ready to go and eat, the restaurant is a converted pub, it still has the old bar inside, but it’s now got all these statues and stuffed animals on it as well as vintage handbags and jewellery. Most of us had never been there before, but Nas had and knew the owners and we were given a glass of champagne each on arrival. Unfortunately this was my non drinking month and so had to give glass over to one of the others to drink. The staff in the restaurant were very attentative and the food was great, I believe I had goats cheese to begin with followed by Chateau Briand, which cooked beautifully, followed off by a Vanilla Crème Brule. The other equally enjoyed their food and wine, which again I refused. Once dinner was over we sat about drinking coffee and setting the world to rights until we were asked to leave the table due to another booking.

It was then time to get back in the cars and go back home, for an early sober night for a change.

A family illness meant that I was not out for the next couple of months.

10th May 2011

Photo shoot with Ted

Ted is an old friend of mine who used to dress himself a few years back as Valentina, he does not dress these days, but we have still kept in touch and we meet up every now and again. He contacted me a few months back and told me that he was in photography now and would I be interested in doing a photo shoot.

We spoke a few times and eventually we found a date that we both could make, but unfortunately Nas was unavailable, so I had to try and find somebody else to do my hair and make- up. I managed to speak to Alison Dale at Image works and luckily she was available.

On the day of the shoot I had arranged to drive to Alison’s get my make- up and hair done and then drive across to meet Ted it had been a while since I had seen Alison and a lot had happened in both our lives, we spent a bit of time catching up. It was then time to get on with the hair and make- up; she did a really good job with the make- up and hair and even managed to put false eye lashes on me without my eyes watering.

I then got changed into a casual dress and drove round to meet Ted, it was a bit of a struggle getting all of my bags into Ted’s small car, but eventually we managed. Once loaded up it was off to the studio in Brixton. The studio appeared to be used as a cinema as there were rows of temporary seating and a bar at the back, Ted and his mate started moving the sitting which I was excused from doing as I was in heels and a short dress. I settled on my first outfit which was an orange dress and then the guys were finally ready to commence taking pictures.

We started off by doing just head shots, with various different light settings after some of trial and error Ted and his colleague seemed happy with the results. Occasionally I got to see what they were talking about and could see the difference between two pictures and the various lightning techniques. We also experimented with putting lights in different positions in the background and tall white boards either side of me so that I was almost boxed in.

After about 2 hours and numerous pictures in the first outfit, it was time to change into, a rubber jacket with an indecent length short skirt. I teamed this up with suspender tights and high heel patent leather heels. I had seen a photo shoot with Charlotte Church in a magazine where she was wearing a military and tried to replicate some of the poses from this shoot, I’m not sure how successful I was.

The next change involved a short sleeved black shirt and a white pencil skirt; once again it was back to being sandwiched between the two boards and lots of back lighting.

The final outfit was a short black dress, however for this outfit we decided to move to a different part of the studio where we had a brick wall behind me. It took a bit of time to get on the lights and the camera set up to Ted likes. Ted tried to get a few different poses out of me during this section and at one point we may even have gotten a smile, but not sure if he actually caught it.

Finally the last of the shots were taken and it was time to start packing things up, It took about an hour to get everything put back and for me to pack my bags(well chuck everything in) and then change into a more everyday outfit to firstly get a lift back to Ted’s and then to drive myself home.

Saturday November 5th 2011

Meal for Birthday

I try and do something for my birthday every few years either a meal or a day out shopping, this year I decide to go for the meal option. I contacted my friends, but most of them could not make it, but I managed to get a couple and Nas and we booked the Trois Garcons for Saturday night.

It was difficult to try a night where Nas and I were both free and the only date we could find was when I was on a coaching course on Saturday and Sunday, which meant me taking my clothes with me to the course and not being able to drink too much Saturday night.

It was the usual decisions as to what to wear I eventually decided on a knee length leopard print dress. One of the girls at work had this dress, but decided that she did not like it and offered it me at a reduced rate. It fitted pretty well so I brought it off her, later the cheeky cow asked me if she could borrow it for a night out.

As I did not finish the course until 5pm it was not possible to get a hair appointment, so I had all my hair stuff with me also, however during the day Nas sent a text saying that she had a friend who would be able to do my hair. Upon getting to Nas’s we had a bit of time before the hair girl arrived so Nas started on the foundation and my eyes. We both though she would be able to do the hair as was, but it turned out she wanted to have the hair washed and wet to begin with, so we had to move into the bathroom and try and wash my hair without ruining all my foundation.

We just about managed to achieve this and then it was back to the make up room where I had two girls working on me at the same time. It was difficult for me to try and move my head to one side to be blow dried and at the same time have a mascara brush heading for your eye. Eventually between them they decided that the hair should be done first and once that was completed, Nas completed the make-up. Despite only having me to get ready , we were running late as usual, and again as usual it was a hectic drive through the city to the restaurant.

As the traffic was not to bad we made up a bit of time, but then had trouble finding a parking space, so had to walk quite a way to the restaurant. I’m usually ok with that, but I had new shoes on and they were a little bit on the big side and get slipping off my feet, so Nas had to slow down and wait for me. Having eaten at the restaurant before we knew had good the food was going to be, having tried the steak previously I decided to go with fish this time, which was excellent.

Unlike my previous visit I was actually drinking this time and Tess had chosen a great red wine as usual, we were also given a complimentary glass of champagne which I managed to drink this time. As the food was so good we all indulged in a full three courses, I again chose a Crème Brulee, but declined the after dinner drinks and settled for just a coffee.

The original plan for the night was to go to the Way Out Club after dinner , but Tess was suffering with a heavy cold and the rest of us were pretty tired, so decided that we would go straight home after dinner. I had even more trouble walking back to Nas’s car going home, but eventually we got back and then drove home.

Unfortunately the Christmas party was cancelled again this year, and so Miss Smith once again went into her annual hibernation.