Great Boudoir Nights Out 3


School Disco Friday 15th February 2002

A few of you have probably already been to the friends reunited website and tracked down old friends (well if only they knew me now). At Hanover Grand, which is off Regent Street in Central London on a Friday, Night and Hammersmith Palais on a Saturday night is a school disco themed club, which Nas had already attended, and it was her idea for us to go to the club. Prior to the date being organised for the event I spent an afternoon, with Nas, Jodie and Nas's daughters to discuss which photo's they should use for the advert and what should go in a goody bag to give out on the night. I think Nas and Jodie had as much fun designing their leaflet for the event as we did attending the event.



As usual on the day of the event I drove round to pick up Nas and she decided to get changed before we left, so there we were stuck in traffic with a schoolgirl and me in my car. Nas kept laughing at me and saying it's alright Dad everyone thinks you are taking your daughter home. Once inside the Boudoir it was the usual mixture of organised panic, with girls in various states of undress all over the place. Whilst Nas was busy doing everyone's nails, Jodie were performing a minor miracle in doing 9 make overs on her own as Chris her usual helper was ill. She managed to get everyone made up and looking beautiful and only half an hour behind schedule.



Once we got on the coach the register was called and everyone except sick girl (Wendy) downed a couple of Vodka shots and played with their goody bags. Nas decided to wave at passers by every time the coach stopped which caused quite a few stunned looks our way. It was a strange atmosphere on the coach as everyone was really looking forward to the event, but as it was a visit to a non-tranny venue we were unsure of the reaction we would receive. We therefore decided once we got there we would all stick together.

As we entered the club we were shocked as to the actual size of the venue and the amount of people inside. After some initial stares and a battle to get to the bar we were left to ourselves, however as the night went on people, especially girls became curious and began to come over and speak to us and were genuinely interested in who done our make up etc.

We spent most of the night in one particular corner of the club away from the main, dance floor, but as the night went on Nas and Jodie persuaded four of our girls to the go on the stage and maybe it was coincidence, but the song they danced to was its raining men, I think they choose the four best dancers in the group, your truly was happy to watch from a distance.



By the end of the night we were all up on the dance floor dancing away, to songs, which for a change I had heard of. We finally left the club at about 2.30am and wearily made our way back first to the Philbeach and then back to the Boudoir to change before finally home to bed about 4.30am