Great Boudoir Nights Out 4


May 24th School Disco 2

May 24th saw a return to School Disco. After the success of the first trip, both Jodie and Nas were keen to expand the numbers this time and at one point we thought two coaches would be needed. However, when the big day came, we were down to about 8 people.

The day started as usual with me driving round to pick up Nas. When I picked her up, she had already changed into her school uniform and as we stepped out of her house she ran into one of her next door neighbours, who commented on her clothes. I think Nas' reply was that she was going to a school reunion. We then drove to Jodie's where I helped sort out the goody bags before being first in the magic chair.



As before, Jodie and Nas had made up goody bags for us all to take along and we also had a lucky dip this time, where I won a lovely dolly. I had spent some useful time on the Internet tracking down school ties and we therefore all had matching red and black striped ties 'St Boudoirs'.



When we got onto the coach the register was called as before and then a round or two of Vodka shots was issued before we entered the club. When we got to the club we were a bit more confident this time as we knew what to expect, and we just breezed up to the bar and ordered the first of many drinks. It was a bit busier at the top of the club and we were unable to gain Tranny corner this time, which meant we had to mingle a lot earlier than last time. The same as last time, there were some initial stares especially as Misty is 6ft 8ins, but by and large we were left alone.

There was one interesting moment when one of a group was involved in a long kissing session with a guy, we were unsure whether he knew, but he came back for more later on so I assume the answer was no.

Probably the funniest thing to happen on the night was whilst we were dancing a breast form was found on the floor. Nobody claimed to have lost one and Jodie had to carry out an immediate inspection. The guilty party turned out to be Misty Cloud and we all felt lucky nobody was standing under her at the time as a breast form falling from 6ft 8ins could have caused some damage.



The last time we went to School Disco a group danced on the main stage. This time however they seemed incapable of organising the stage dancing so our girls missed out. Towards the end of the night the club appeared to empty very quickly and it seemed we were one of the last ones to leave.

As usua,l everyone thoroughly enjoyed the night and relived all the best bits on the coach on the way back to the Boudoir, where it was a quick change before dropping Nas off and then home to bed.